Returning after a long break LF guild to raid/pvp with on nagrand

I have started playing again after a long break am currently playing a 120 destro warlock and would love to find a friendly guild to play through all the end game content with :slight_smile:

I think I have shat you are looking for. Add me on bnet: MilanGrujic#1256 so I can tell you the details :slight_smile:

If u are on emerald dream or terenas or willing to change to that server, we have nice friendly guild. If ur interested add my battletag Ragnor#21272 or discord >Hades#4124

Haha arent you that rogue who invaded SW with your friends, and died in that tiny room :joy:

Who are we?
We are Synergize a serious raiding guild who also boast a great community (3/8M). We took a big hit when Classic came out and we are looking to recruit players to push progress for EP and have a good solid team for 8.3

Synergize has an active discord where people do content outside of the raids and play other games toghether as a community.

How is it during raids?
We like to banter and meme, but we are more serious during boss fights to get the things done. But that doesn’t mean we don’t allow talking between the bosses.

When do we raid?
We do mythic raiding Tue & Sun from 20:00 to 23:00 server time (CET). We also clear Heroics on Thursday at around 20:00.

Discord: Preco#7847