Returning dps player looking for mythic guild. [FI/EN] Stormreaver & Ravencrest


I’m Niko from Finland and I’m 30 years old. I use nickname Hopelo. I’m Returning to retail raiding after 1 year break. All my characters are outdated. After Mythic Uldir I have only played some casual Nazjatar and low keys with my rogue before classic (422 ilvl). I’m currently playing warlock on Shazzrah (classic) Alliance side and my guild is raiding Thursday and rarely monday. Therefore I prefer Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday as raiding days. I might drop classic if I have more fun somewhere else. At the moment there’s things in classic I don’t enjoy and I’m trying to find variation from BfA.

I only play dps. Most my toons are on Stormreaver Horde but I have some on Ravencrest and Frostmane Alliance side. I like to play melee but I also have experience from warlock and balance. I’m capable of playing all dps specs in game with practice. I have 7 120s and all classes over 100 level. If I find good match I’m willing to migrate or power level up new character (pre-purchase boost)

I’m looking for English or Finnish speaking 2-3 day raiding guild with mythic progression. I prefer old guilds with long-lasting core. I have had my fair share of guilds that are recruiting for those 2 last players to start mythic or those that disband after first raid tier in new expansion. Getting benched is not an issue for me. I’m at my best when I know I’m not getting bashed for one mistake. I understand when I fail and what I should do different to fix it. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Lately I have realized I might be an adult. So I kinda find “zoomers” spamming twitch emotes and memes as a way of communication irritating and stupid. Same time I don’t want the guild atmosphere to be overly polite.

I think that’s all. Thanks for reading.



It’s a shame that you are unable to raid on Wednesdays or Sundays, because what you described would be the attitude we are looking for in Stasis. We’ve managed to stay in business on Ravencrest for many years, slaying dragons and slimy nagas, aiming to get Cutting Edge each tier.

We don’t do witch hunts unless you literally mess up for the hundredth time on the same thing and make 19 other people angry… heh, that can happen then, but we still solve these issues in a civil way. Our raid lader is Finnish too though, so he can be very direct. He’s a totally lovely guy otherwise!

Maybe if in next expansion your situation changes you could get in touch with us? Here’s our recruitment topic with all the relevant info.

Best of luck in your search and kind regards,

Hi Niko, i like the sound of your post, even the “zoomers” part and myself being called a 30 yo boomer by one such person, twitch chat should be banned anywhere other than twitch! Anyway… ahem!
I think our guild might be a good fit, if you are looking for an alliance guild and one that raids later in the evening.
We used to be on Frostmane but moved to Silvermoon a little over a month ago, we are called AnV have been together for just over 12 years. We are currently working on Ashvane on mythic and need a few more good DPS for our team. We look for people we think will fit in, and get on with and don’t mind the odd cheese joke from our resident “comedian”.
We raid 3 nights a week Weds/Thurs and Mon (but if you can only make thurs/mon that’s ok too) between 22.00 - 0.00 server time.
If we sound of interest or want more info, add me on bnet - hellykins#2114
ps. I’ve posted on my alt, my main is Enyía - Silvermoon