Returning old boy looks for home (H)

Hi. I am Flamegrilled. Dragonblight old boy from vanilla. I am returning to WoW, in the short term at least, to check out BFA and need a home. Looking for somewhere I can chill and get involved in casual PvP to start once I finish levelling. After somewhere is active and has plenty of members who can cover all activities but PvP will be my main goal. Primarily casual BG but not adverse to raiding when I have time due to work commitments.

Thanks for reading. Please message in game.
Hey Man, i used to Play as a charterer called Zantetsukenz back when you were in Incarna Mortis during Wrath. Hope all is well with yourself these days!
Sepulchral here! I miss Incarna Mortis.
Hope you're both doing well!
(I've been trying to find a PvP guild too, not a huge amount of luck)

I’m still in IM but Dragonblight is a low pop server now so feels rare to see someone from DB itself other than the odd IM person who logs on.

I’m also returning Dragonblight. Let’s prepare for WoW Classic!

ps: I am Warez and I approve this message

See u in BG once again Flame!