Returning player confused about camera issues

Hello, returned after not playing after Legion and I am having fun - Problem is, the camera controls are bugged for me.

Expected behaviour: I left click with the mouse. I move. The camera pans behind me horizontally. I can set the speed with the “Auto Follow Speed” settings.

The camera following Style “only horizontal when moving” should do exactly that.

Actual behaviour right now: I left click. I move. The camera stays where it is. NONE of the “Camera following styles” change anything. None of the Auto Follow Speed Numbers change anything.

Please help. This is very much a small issue for some, but it’s core controls I have used for 12+ years of WoW, I can’t really change those now because of some issue my client seems to have.

The Accessibility Options also all don’t change this behaviour at all.

Ok someone figured out a solution:

Type /console cameraCustomViewSmoothing 1

This will reset your camera setting and allow you to change it again.

Feel free to close this.

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