Returning Player is 2h Frost a thing?

After a long break i decided to returnm to this game next Expac i will Focus on Rogue, Priest( Shadow) and DK. Now i wanted to ask if 2h handed frost is a build i can run or should i go Unholy if i want to 2h?

You can run 2H frost yes

how would build for it look like and does it have a different stat priority? And is the Rotation different?

well… chek bicepspump on youtube:P u will find ure answer for df about frost and uh.

UH seems to need a lot of buttons so probably not the best for my 34 year old hands

im 33. has nothig to do with age. play what u enjoy

My APm gets very inconsistent my hypersenstivity messes with my reflexes once the
res alot of stuff on the screen.

So for 2H i would be looking at something like this ?

34 year old hands? Either you worked in manual labour since 14, or something medical is going on :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. You are 34 not 64, your hands shohld be as good as new.

On Topic: 2H frost is probably the “slowest” DK dps spec out of all 3. Also has the lowest number of keybinds. If you are into a more chill gameplay ( CHILL, get it), go for it.

Unholy has the most binds out of all dps specs in the game I’ve played, mostly due to having 7-8 dps cooldowns, and having to manage 3 resources ( rp, runes, wounds). I love the playstyle, but it certainly isnt as laid back.

Controller spoiled hands and well clumsy, also i havent played WoW in like a year
. My input percision suffers horribly whenever theres a lot of things on the screen bloody hypersenstivity is a pain in butt

Stat prio is generally equal amount of mastery crit and haste, vers much lower. Rotation has these obliteration windows where you weave oblit with howling blast and frost strike. Guides will be updated on Sunday with all the biilds

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Thank for the Reply

Im playing 2h frost theres a variety of builds but for pvp i believe the vers+1 stat is killing it a bit since it relies heavily on crit and mastery. That way you can rither choose one or the other but lose heavily on the other… pillar bursts are fun though

It’s not a thing. It’s hard to play, clunky, you have no ranged options, it can be made to work but it’s difficult and unfun. Everything frost does, unholy does better.

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