Returning Player LF Guild (Tank/H)

Hi all
I started fresh on Stormscale a few weeks ago with my Druid tank and mostly pugged. I am interested in PVE content (mostly raiding and M+) and am currently looking for a active guild. For some reason it is really hard to find a guild right now so I wanted to give it here a go.
If you are still looking for members / tanks, I would love to hear from you!


If you havn’t found a new home yet please contact me and we could have a good talk.



Still looking for an active PVE guild (raiding and m+)!
I pugged my way to KSM (2000+ rating atm) and gear is around 242 ilvl. Any guild who is looking for a tank for higher m+ keys or raiding please feel free to reach out.

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