Returning Player LF Raiding and M+ Guild


My name is Dan, I’m 26 and live in the UK.

I’ve been playing Wow since Cataclysm and have been hooked eversince…

As for my raiding experience I have been mythic raiding since WoD where i got 13/13M with my guild.

Moving onto Legion i got 8/8 Cutting Edge Emerald Nightmare as Prot Paladin.

Also got 8/8HC Nighthold Guldan down in first few days and first 3/4 mythic bosses aswell soon afterwards - sadly i then took a break from the game due to a busy personal life!

I have always been a multiclass player ranging from Warlock, Paladin, Shaman, Rogue - I am happy to play whatever as long as the guild has a spot for it and it’s the right team… I have raiding at a mythic level on Resto Sham, Prot Paladin, Affliction Warlock and Outlaw Rogue.

I’m looking for a guild which offers both raiding and M+, socially active via discord and always people online to do things in game with preferably.

I am currently playing prot paladin but would love the opportunity to reroll if possible as I’ve lost interest in the class in it’s current state.

If you need any more info from me please feel free to drop me a message at Danny#22563

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

“Physix” is recruiting and looking for members to expand our team. Currently we are at 8/8 heroic and 3/8 mythic. The guild has been reformed since Eternal Palace and we are aiming to get back to around rank 1200 in patch 8,3!

We do have the option for you to tank and reroll if you want to (if you dont expect to get completly geared first and then swap to another character ofcours). Since we have some flexibility with some of our other members.

We raid 2 days a week on Wednesday and Sunday 19:00 till 22:00.

Besides raiding we also organize mythic+ runs and optionally normal/heroic runs to gear alts.

The guild has a history that starts at ToTc untill Hellfire Citadel!
We banter a lot but we try to clear the content within a reasonable amount of time.

You can add me on battlenet for more information or a chat!

Battlenet: Swyxia#2707


The Undecided is located at Ravencrest
Feel free to visit our recruitment post below