Returning player, LF raiding guild

Returning after a lengthy break and enjoying Classic for a bit. Want to get back in to raiding in BFA so looking for a 2/3 day raiding guild. Open to all offers, would like to tank but can also roll a ranged DPS (warlock or hunter) or healer!

Hi Megayikes

If you’d consider playing a ranged character on Alliance then please add me for a chat - tricky#2757

Look forward to hearing from you.

www. vii.guildlaunch .com (close up the gaps)

Please add me for a chat.


Hey Megayikes!

I’ve done a bit of looking at you and if you’re willing to roll that lock or hunter then I’d definitely be interested in taking you and helping you get ready for next tier and possibly the very end of this tier!

I’m from a 5/8 Mythic guild called the KFC Fitness Club on Tarren Mill, we raid 3 days a week and we’re looking for more players to basically push on and go further into Mythic, if this sounds interesting let me know!

My Battle tag is Diakun#1959.

Good luck in your search!

Hi mate.

I run an Alliance guild on Quel’Thalas EU. We raid up to HC level on Thursday and Sunday 8-11pm server time. Right now we just clear the current raid on HC once a week and do some M+ while we are waiting for 8.3 to drop.

We could use some ranged dps to join the team and a warlock or hunter would suit us fine.

If you fancy a more detailec hat feel free to add me on Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222 for a chat. All the best,


Cohors Vuluae is a newly formed guild of mythic raiders looking to experience the most challenging aspects of wow. We aim to create a fair and motivating environment for progress.

We have recently moved from Alliance on outlands to Horde on Draenor, Currently we are looking to recruit dps and a tank to join our ranks and our raid team to start mythic EP, as well as preparing for Ny’alotha

We expect all members that join to be able to use voice chat and have some understanding of their role/class, but we are always happy to help people that are in need.

so if you want to join a guild of chill Vuluae’s, have a sense of humour & aged 20+ drop a message in game or on discord.

pogodamonkey#2210 []
pogodamonkey#8073 [discord]