Returning player LF raiding guild

Hello, sorry for another looking for guild post however I have applied to quite a few guilds on here all who which are specifically not looking for returning players so I thought i’d give this a go instead. I’ve just been playing casually for the past few expansions but I have more time to dedicate towards shadowlands so am looking for something more ready for the launch.

My plan is to level up and prepare a few characters during the prepatch however I am looking to main mage although i’d be more than happy playing another caster/range dps as well depending on what you need.

What I’m looking for: Guild looking to clear heroic minimum every raid tier and maybe some progress in mythic if there is time left but its fine for me if not.
A guild who raids on some or all of the days wed/fri/sat/tue times are not an issue for me as I am free all day on these days.

What I can offer: Reliability, If the raid is on one of the days mentioned above I will be there, I value peoples time and wont waste it. I am also the type of person who likes to get involved, help out and have some fun when not raiding as well. I am also quite competitive so I will do everything I can to improve myself and character.

If you’d like to speak to me or ask more questions my discord ID is Nugget2505#9270 add me and we can have a chat!

Hello there! if you plan to play on twisting nether we love to have you in with us in MAW!
Newly formed guild by veteran old school players preparing for Shadowlands. The ultimate goal is clearing the whole content (PVE / PVP) including dungeons, raids, RBGs etc.… in a chilled, friendly and caring environment.
Raid days will be based on a voting system based on member’s votes.
Socials are welcome too.
right now in need of PVP Officers and core members. it is a new guild so come to help us to build our home together.
to contact you can search for the “Maw” on guild finder or add one of these in game tags.

Hey thanks for the reply but with no set times it wouldent be right to commit to something that I may not be able to give my all to. looking for wed/fri/sat/tue due to prior commitments on other days.

yes, we are forming the group so days can change, latest votes are like this
: Sat - 0 Votes
: Sun - 4 Votes
: Mon - 1 Votes
: Tue - 1 Votes
: Wed - 6 Votes
: Thu - 4 Votes
: Fri - 2 Votes

Hi Nugget!!! Here’s the best offer possible to join the best looking guild EU. Thing is we DO raid progress on Mon/Thu 20:00 to 22:30 ST so not sure if that works for you.

We’re a VERY fun guild, we’ve got 5 events this week alone. We do everything from progress raiding to social, fun events, farms … A LOT of stuff. As a raiding guild we are looking to get to the 2nd half of the Mythic raid in SL. Two progress raid nights a week. We’re NOT going to get to CE, probably ever, but we do get Mythic raids going.

We’re not looking for any particular role, but more for like-minded people. We have 3-4 people who can pivot to any role (tank, heal, rdps, mdps) so we try to make room for anyone to play what they like. I started tier as tank, then healed to get curve, went back tank, ended up huntard, for instance.

Also, Did I mention we’re the best looking guild EU? This is an indisputable fact. And we’re not rebuilding or starting from scratch, our guild has approaching 850 chars and we’re looking to starting SL raids with two raids at the same time. We’ll have some kind of competition for that no doubt.

Into pre-patch we’ve had 10-15 players join us as rerolls, so you’d feel rigth at home we feel.

Give us a shout on Disc if you’d like a bit more info, like who our stylist is or how many pushups we do to look this good. LepantoESP#4381

Hello Núgget.

You are very welcome with Faster than Lag. We are reruiting likeminded people who aims to clear HC every tier to curve standard and if we got the interest and people then we will venture into mythic raiding aswell.

We will be raiding on fridays and saturdays from 20-23:00.

You can read more about us here

If you are interested or got any questions, then please add LFC#21212 for a chat :slight_smile:

Best regards Raelona.