Returning player looking casual raiding / mythics guild


A few days ago I decided to come back and give BoA a try having been away for a while, in those few days I have rediscovered the years spent enjoying the game and now i’d like to get back into it.

I am a 348 monk (Horde) and while i prefer dps I am equally comfortable healing (and enjoying the short queue times that offers!). I am looking for a guild with a laid but approach to raiding on any day from about 21:00 onwards and with a strong interest in M+ runs.

I like to be serious about making progress and have a vast amount of experience from vanilla though to the early days of legion while also looking for a place that recognizes real life does still exist and get in the way sometimes. I

I do also have a few other 110 alts including DH, Mage and Shaman who I could get up to speed fairly quickly too.

If you think I might be useful to you contact in game or add Yaholoa#2333

See you there!

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