Returning player - Looking for a home


I’m a humble vanilla player who’s been with WoW on/off from the beginning.
Recently with job demands and Covid-19, my playtime had to stop.
However, I’m back in the game!

Looking for a new Alliance home.
I’ve seen Ravencrest has a happy population cap of Alliance players.
I play about 4 evenings per week, not for very long but mainly just to take my mind off work.
Would like to get into raiding, dungeons etc. however, my family will always come first.
If my 4-year-old wakes, I will stop mid-raid, dungeon or whatever to see to them.
I enjoy the nostalgic elements, running old raids for gear-mogs and gold farming to try and pay for a month (never happened yet!)

Would like to join a guild that shares my ideas, and who are happy to welcome me and has a casual and chilled atmosphere.

Look forward to hearing back from you all!


Ravencrest new character: Necorian [Mage] @ Ravencrest

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