Returning player looking for casual guild (DK/Priest)


I’m A Mess also known as Addict, played since vanilla but mainly Wotlk-legion and been on/off since then due to work until recently.

Looking for casual place to call home for the foreseeable future. Not big into M+ but willing to learn! Raiding is always a blast!

Faction doesnt matter for me aslong as the people are nice!

Feel free to contact me via Bnet Addict#2353 or post a link so I know where to find you for any questions you/I might have or just a chat!

Thanks for reading!

Hello there
We are a normal/heroic raiding guild looking for DPS and support roles, we raid wednesdays and thursdays from 20:00 server (uk time) to 23:00 server.

A great bunch with plenty of bantz, looking for long term members. if interesred or would like to know more plz drop me a pm

Discord: Razorstorm#7563

Best reagards to you and yours :slight_smile:


Punished a guild/community is looking for more to bolster our ranks. Our main focus is raiding. Our community also allows is opened to alliance players and once cross-faction guilds will become a thing we will be open to alliance players then as well.

We reside on Dentarg/Tarren Mill, but community allows people from other places to sign up for the raids.

We’re casual bunch of people who take raids semi seriously, with loads of banter and laugh in between. Aim is to get AotC, which on cases we might miss. There also has been a talk about some earlier mythic bosses.
M+ we do whenever people are available and around.

We recently swapped our raid days to Thursday and Monday. We start our raids 21 server time and usually end around 00 (maybe earlier) server time.

Main post can be found here: Punished is looking for more raiders

Add me on discord if you feel that we could be a place for you, specially that doing couple of raids with us without the push to commit 100% to the group is an option for us as well, since we believe in allowing people to experience “us” during the real thing, before they make up their mind.

My discord: Mari#6813

Hey there! I’ve added you on for a quick chat.

A bit about the guild I’m advertising.

Our guild was created towards the end of Shadowlands and our aim is to achieve AotC and get some early mythic bosses down aswel.

We raid Wednesday / Monday 8.00 -11.00 PM ST

Hey, I think we would be a good fit for you!