Returning player MOP

Hi returning player stopped playing during MoP period looking for advice on easy rotation class at later stages of the game, also looking for a guild pve.

Welcome back!

Beast Mastery Hunter is the first choice that will occur to everybody. That was true in MoP, and it hasn’t changed much.

Then for more options, we might ask whether you prefer ranged or melee.

Among Melee specs, Fury Warrior and Frost Death Knight both do have subtleties, but can be played pretty well without them. Or your taste might run to Demon Hunter, which is easy to learn.

Destro Warlock is solid as a ranged class, and Mage has three solid specs, though Fire can get busy with its tight cooldown window.

If you want to heal, I’d suggest Holy Priest or Resto Shaman. I would note that questing as any spec of Priest is not great, while Shaman has two very solid DPS specs.

Check out for ways to play these specs, and YouTube for video guides.

Devastation Evoker is maybe possible. Personally, I hate both the class and the race with the fury or a thousand suns, but you do start at level 58, so you might consider it.

If you’re looking for group content, you should probably get a grasp of Mythic-Plus dungeons, which are very popular now.

Be aware that while Guilds are still the core soclai structure, a lot of the group activity has seeped out into Discords and Communities. Draenor and Silvermoon are still the biggest servers for Horde and Alliance respectively. See Raider for realm population and faction balance:

Please ask any questions that may occur to you!

I was in the same boat a couple of months ago. There is no simple answer, in my opinion. What I would say is that leveling is so easy and fast now, you can just try multiple characters to see what you enjoy most.

You can also try the class trial, which lets you play a level 60 (I think, don’t think it is level 70).

Read more here: Blizzard Support - Class Trial (

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