Returning Player Seeking Casual PvE Realm/Guild Recommendation


After some time without WoW, I find myself yearning to return to the world of Azeroth. However, before I dive back in, I thought I’d seek out some advice from the knowledgeable members of this forum.

In the past, I’ve had a bit of a sporadic relationship with WoW. I’d come back every now and then, eager to embark on epic campaigns and progress through levels. However, I often found myself feeling disconnected and somewhat isolated, especially compared to the social and guild experiences I had in the early days of WoW. This lack of community left me feeling a bit disheartened, and I’d inevitably find myself drifting away from the game after just a few weeks. I am stuck on Burning Legion realm as in 2006-2010 all of my friends were there but right now nothing is left for me there except big disappointment and few memories.

This time around, I’m determined to change that as I still have a warm feeling of nostalgia towards the game and I do enjoy the gameplay. I’m looking for a realm and a guild that embrace a more casual approach to gaming, one where I can enjoy PvE content without feeling the pressure to constantly grind or rush through content, where I could attend some casual raids with the guild or just meet some new people. I miss the sense of belonging that comes with being part of a vibrant community, and I believe finding the right realm and guild could make all the difference.

So, dear forum members, I turn to you for guidance. Do you have any recommendations for realms or guilds that cater to casual players like myself? Any place where I could transfer my character of maybe create a new one if WoW Classic would end up being a better place for me.

Thank you in advance for your help, and I look forward coming back to the game and meeting new people.

I would suggest posting this on the guild recruitment forums here,
That way you would find a guild suitable instead of trying to hunt one down after choosing the realm.

Thank you! I will do this. Much appreciated

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