Returning Player Seeks Active, Small, Social Home

Hi Everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read this post.

My name is Tingham, and I have been playing WoW since about patch 1.2 or so.

Until about patch 7.3, I was a relatively consistent player - acting as Raid Leader and/or GM for a succession of related small, sociable, active PvE/PvP Social Guilds.

Since patch 7.3, my increasingly hectic work and family schedule have left me unable to commit to a 3/4 day weekly raiding schedule, and I have found my time in-game has gradually declined.

However, I have to admit I am massively missing the game, and more specifically playing with a tight knit, sociable, active community. Hence this is what I am now seeking.

What I am looking for

  • Ideally a small or relatively new guild
  • A guild with a social aspect, either in game or outside it using Discord
  • I have no preference towards factions, and have played both alliance and horde extensively
  • A mature guild is preferable
  • While I have no objection to a guild focused on raiding and endgame PvE, my schedule still means I am unable to commit to set days all the time, although I can probably commit to a single day (Thursday or Sunday) for some raiding if needed.

What I can bring to your guild

  • I have no preference whatsoever around class or race. In fact, it would be my pleasure to fill in a gap which is needed. Healer, Tank or DPS
  • About 12 years of Raid Leadership and Guild Leadership experience. While I believe I am not in a position to be in a senior guild leadership position, I would be open to helping with the organisation and running of PvE or PvP events
  • Theorycrafting experience: a large part of my current job involves theorycrafting outside the game. I am more than happy to do it inside the game
  • An active, social player. While my ability to be constantly in-game is limited, my ability to be active on things like Discord and Slack is high, and I pride myself on bringing a high level of contribution to a community.
  • I am a regular Mythic+ player, and have no issue setting up, running and organising runs of these.
  • I have no preference in terms of server, and will more than happily reroll and get some swift levelling done.

My thanks for reading this post. I have made similar posts in the recent past (within the last 6 - 12 months or so, but with limited results.

Please feel free to contact me either by replying here, or by battlenet at tingham#2744


Hello Atyngment,

Reading your post, I think my guild might suit you. While we are not generally actively recruiting currently. I believe you could fit well. We could do with a tank or some ranged dps - we are fairly flexible but have a lot of healers so might have trouble fitting you in if you wanted to heal. Have a read of our recruitment post here…

Good luck in your search,

Hi Seph. Thank you so much for your reply.

I have taken a look, and I have to say you guys are exactly what I am looking for!

Ill get on the Discord now, have a look and very possibly make an application.

Hey there, we would love to welcome you into our little guild! We are a small but active guild especially on our discord where we communicate daily! Please take a look at our guild post and contact me if your interested.

Dear Atyngment

I think our guild is a pretty good match for what you need! :slight_smile: Try to read our recruitment post here:

I’ve added you on bnet as well, so we can have a little chat :slight_smile:

Hey! If you still havent found your home yet, my friend and I have recently started up a new guild. It’s a small guild atm built on a sense of community and wanting to actually play together, thats the main thing. Here is some more info about our goals in general

[H] Deceit recruiting! (Draenor)

Feel free to contact if it seems at all interesting. Good luck in your search <3

Hiya Atyngment, I don’t know if you found the group you are looking for yet but one or two things you said struck a chord with me so I thought it was worth replying in case you were still searching. I saw you say you could only raid one day a week and one of those being Thursday. We have 2 raiding teams and our more relaxed one raids Tuesdays and Thursdays and doesn’t mind if you can only ever make one of those days, so you could have a chance to be part of a raiding team if you wanted to. We also run m+ regularly and have groups that just get the 10s and groups that push the 17s etc. We have been an active social and raiding guild on Silvermoon since January 2007 so we are a well established group but are a very picky bunch so have a small close knit community, a sort of safe haven really. Anyway if you fancy a chat at all if any of this seems to match what you are looking for feel free to add me Asta#2730