Returning player to WoW Classic - Noggenfogger (EU)

Hi all,
I am a returning player that has been playing WoW Classic casual and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I got too much with my work and other things so I stoped playing and just quit at level 56.
I am playing Alliance at Noggenfogger and I really enjoyed the questing, community, world PVP, dungeons etc. I am afraid that the server is ‘‘dead’’ and that the server is to heavy Horde populated so I will have a really unpleasant time questing? Is there anyone playing Alliance at Noggenfogger? How is it? How is the questing, is the zones filled with players, the end game for a new level 60, community events? Or do I need to transfer to another server to enjoy the game again.


I don’t know how accurate this is, but

Shows total pop not bad, but 2/3 Horde.

You might also read the Noggenfogger forum, though it’s not very active:

Of course, the best thing to do is log in and ask people!

I would not exactly reccomend classic wow right now in terms of getting into community.

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