Returning player - transmorg gold farms

not played in ages but heard running old content to sell items for transmorg on ah is a good method, i have done mc bwl stockaded sm etc but barely got anything worth a thing? is it not longer good ?

Welcome back!

It is possible.

It is also a lot of work, and requires you to be organised and disciplined about your farming. You need to keep several sources of items on farm at once, and at least a couple of hundred auctions listed all the time. Different realms will also have very different markets, though that will change next expansion.

You will definitely need to work on your AH procedure, and will want Trade Skill Master addon.

You will almost certainly want to seek out a Discord of people who are also farming for gold; some techniques are MUCH less profitable solo, so a lot of your farming will be better done in groups.

I tried farming/AH as a goldmaking method back in Mists and WoD, but it was too much like work for me!

I note you can make 15-20K per character per week in DF just doing world quests, if you just want basic pocket money. With 5 or 6 characters on the go, you can finance your game time with Tokens.

If you really wantto get rich by farming, though, I refer you to Studen Albatroz, who genuinely makes a fortune out of farming for mogs and mats, but I couldn’t do half the work he does in the game:

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