Returning player unsure how to level tailoring

I played wow before when legion was out but fell away and now returning. I decided to take tailoring for the flying carpet mount and want to get to level 300 but not sure how to do this fast ?
I am currently only level 2 is there a quick way to do this ? I have 100k on my character so can buy items on auction house but just don’t know where to start and I only ever really soloed quests before never done professions.

Welcome back!

I want to make sure you know what the possibilities are.

There are several Flying Carpets.

The original Flying Carpet

and the Magnificent Flying Carpet

and the Frosty Flying Carpet

that are created by Tailoring can be ridden ONLY by a character that has Tailoring.

So if your Tailor makes one, your other non-Tailor characters can’t use it.


There are two Flying Carpets not made by Tailoring, and that do not require Tailoring to ride.

The Leywoven Flying Carpet

is not made by Tailoring, but is an RNG drop from a Legion Reputation cache.

There is a new Noble Flying Carpet

that will drop from a Rare in Dragonflight in the new patch coming Wednesday.


OK, so if you still want to make the original Flying Carpet or one of the Tailoring variants, you can get your Tailoring up.

Since Legion, Professions have been broken up by expansion, so to do Wrath Tailoring, you don’t need to do Classic Tailoring or Burning Crusade Tailoring first.

To skill up any Profession, I rely on


and the Wrath Tailoring page is


It’s very straightforward, and uses just Frostweave Cloth. And you don’t even need to learn Northrend Tailoring to its full skill anyway to learn it.

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Thank you I’ll take a look at that guide when I get home. Just wanted to ask one last thing. I did relic of the past 1 craft to get to my level 2. Could I just craft that 300 times to get to level 300 ?

Is it the vanilla tailoring guide I am supposed to follow ? I just made 50 linen bandages and didn’t level up even one level ?

Sorry, I didn’t see your post earlier. Usually the site prompts me.

For the Flying Carpet, you want Wrath. I put the link above:

I am really confused I have all the materials for linen bandage and it say’s guaranteed chmce of gaining 1 skill up but when I craft I get nothing ?

What are you looking at?

You want the Frostweave, not Linen, for Northrend Tailoring.

Which Trainer are you using?

I first took tailoring from lien farner in elwynn ame have also bought new training from georgio bolero in stormwind. I haven’t made it to north end yet

Northrend is where you START for the Flying Carpet.

As I said, Tailoring is now segmented by expansion. You no longer need to skill up Vanilla Tailoring before you start Northrend Tailoring.

Yes, I find it confusing too. And unnatural and bad. But that’s the way the game is now.

So do I just forget about levelling up tailoring until I get to northrend?

You can travel to Northrend at level 1 if you want. Just take the boat and the flight to Dalaran. But nothing you can do in Vanilla or TBC will count toward the Flying Carpet,

Thank you I will try for the flying carpet now. Do I just get tailoring to level 300 and craft it or is there quests involved?

There is no 300 anymore, except in Vanilla.

Northrend Tailoring goes 1-75.

You learn Flying Carpet quite early in Northrend Tailoring.

Just do what is on this page:

Thank you for taking the time to help it’s really appreciated.

Grainne explained most, but you might be missing one thing.

Crafting is not sequential through all expansions anymore.
When you open the tailoring interface, there is like an expansion selector on the left. Depending on where you start your character and tailoring training, it can have various options in it.

Quote of a wowhead comment:

As of patch 8.0.1 this mount only requires you to know Northrend Tailoring lvl 1 which means you can go learn the Northrend tailoring in Dalaran (Northrend) and buy the mount and it will count towards the mount achievement, even if you unlearn tailoring right after.

You might train it in other places, but if you visit Dalaran (from your capital’s portal room), you should find it. Just in case, pointing out there is also a Legion version of Dalaran now, so make sure to visit the one with the Northrend suffix.

What adds to the confusion is that this used to require 300, which is the very last point of the classic range, and Outland materials, designed for Outland players. During the transition, 301-375 was designated Outland and 376-450 Northrend, so 300 Northrend just doesn’t add up and wowhead might default to show it.

I am in north end now and talked to Darin goodstich and bought his training but when I open my spellbook and go to professions it still says cataclysm tailoring is that ok or should it say northrend tailoring

Click the “Filter” button near top left, beside the search box.

Choose Northrend.


Thank you I now have two flying carpets :grinning:


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