Returning player; what race to pick?

So I’m a returning player; only played S1 of Shadowlands but not as much on my DK as I wished.

But I’m thinking of a race change (with the racials in mind). I’ll be playing UH pve mostly. As a filthy casual. I am. The ocassional M+ and raid now and then.

So I got either Mechagnome or Human on my mind. Both with stat increase passives. I’m always a fan of not the standard kind of chars so that’s something I’m leaning towards Mechagnome.

Please provide me with some feedback. Thank you :slight_smile:

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If it’s DPs you’re looking for Human looks slightly better:

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Is it for 70?

I picked the right choice.

Also I am doing bicep curls at the gym now.

Have you considered Dark Iron Dwarf (if you’ve unlocked it)? Their racials are really good and also pretty fun. Faster indoor running, and I find the fast travel you can do with the mole machine really handy.

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