Returning player

Hi all,
I used to play regularly never made it to hard core raiding however hoping to be able to at some point in the future. Had to stop playing during Legion and coming back for Shadowlands looking for a new main to play so for the time being I’m just levelling. Would love to join a social guild with the possibility of raiding later on down the line.
I can promise a chilled out guy who will attend raids when I say I will as well as researching raids and making sure that I know what it is I’m doing. Got experience as Healer and DPS probably going to lean more towards Healer but willing to change up depending on whats needed of me. Need time to re learn both roles and will be doing so as quickly as I can.
I am looking to upgrade my set up in the coming months and will have a decent internet so no need to worry about lag.
Discord: thebacon_hunter#6300

Greetings Deathhum!

The Silver Claw is a NEW semi-casual guild on Kazzak - Horde. Our main goal right now is to start recruiting both new players and experienced players, to build a community of people to complete Mythic+ content with, and plan to eventually branch out into raiding when we have the numbers.

For new players, we can provide you with a safe space to learn the game without having to deal with the torment that pugging/random groups can bring. We will teach you, help you gear up and grow as a player!

For veteran players, we are not a hardcore guild. We don’t plan on progressing into Mythic raiding, or pushing past level 20+ Mythic keys. At least not for now. So instead you will have a place to teach the more inexperienced players, and eventually we will put a “core” Mythic+ team together that will consistently complete 15-18 keys together each week.

We also offer a casual/chill/relaxed environment for people to just have a good time. We also have a Discord ready to go, and I would encourage people to go there and chat with your fellow guild members. I myself will try to hang around the General voice channels as much as I can.

If this guild sounds like it would interest you, or if you have ANY questions at all, please contact me below!
Discord: Bouncy#8614
BattleTag: Bouncy#21588

Hello, please check the below thread, and if you like it, you can /w me

Hi Deathhum, “Storm Riders” is an Alliance casual/social sandbox guild on the Defias/Ravenholdt cluster. Sandbox means we’re up for anything, but aren’t hardcore. We accept all levels with preferred age range 21+.

If you’d like to have a chat, come onto our Discord server here:

Have fun :slight_smile: