Returning player

Hey all :slight_smile:
So i haven’t played this expansion because of work etc but now planning to return and get going again and prepare decently for shadowlands raiding and mythic+. prefer heroic guild not big fan of Mythic raiding
I am 34 years old from the uk

Have been raiding before not since legion

Mainly i wanna get back into raiding and have a good and friendly people arround me :).
Considering atm is ranged dps relly undecided atm

I would be levelling fresh but shouldnt take long

Raid times need to be from 20.30 st onwards due to work i get home around 20.00
Add me on Discord Ezra#5076

Battlenet Magicgnome#2103875

Hey, we’re currently building a guild mainly for SL but we’re keen M+ players, we’ll be looking to raid mythic come SL but also plan on running heroic and as I mentioned, a lot of M+, we’re on Twisting Nether, all UK based ATM. I’ve added you on Bnet :slight_smile: