Returning player

Finally have time to come back to WoW after a long absence.
I left wow raiding towards the end of Cata due to life…

Now I’m back looking for a raiding guild.
I raided from Vanilla to Cata mostly as a holy priest with a little warrior and enh shaman thrown in, raided in hard core clans and casual, been a class leader and raid leader.

Looking for a raiding clan that raids two to three times a week ideally, levelling on Allinace at the mo but willing to change faction if needed. Levelling a fury warrior at the moment but willing to play another class if needed have experience raiding with most.

I understand a lot has changed since Cata but getting there, also I’ve started reading/watching raid tactics.

If anyone’s interested let me know I have Discord and TS so if you want to go more in depth on past experiences.

Hey bud,
My guild is currently not open to fury warriors as we have a few.
Add me in game for a chat though Rodimus#2941. We might be able to sort something.

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