Returning To A Covenant You Left

When you leave a Covenant, they assign betrayer status to you. Returning to that Covenant is possible, but you have to take extra steps to regain their full trust.

Nonetheless, the Covenants are now coming together to fight a great threat, and there’s an upcoming new season, and they’re temporarily feeling more compatible with those who previously left their sanctums.

Considering all of the recent balance changes and new rewards like Covenant mounts, we’re creating a hotfix that will reset the betrayer status for all players who previously left any Covenants. This will be one-time renovation to your relationship with your old Covenant intended to make it easier for you to return and pick back up where you left off with them.

We expect the hotfix to go live in the next couple of days.


Just let us pick 2 covenants and switch between the abilities on the fly :smile: … since they’re working together now it makes sense.


Or ya know, just let us have fun and bounce between covenants. Just imagine with me for a second. The glorious day when we can just have fun, play how we want, and try stuff out. Without time gating everything to death. Oh what a beautiful day that would be.


I have a question regards this change.

Let’s say I changed my covenant in 9.0.5 and realised that I want to go back to my previous covenant this week. I already done my first weekly quest today and waiting for the next week reset to finish the “redemption” quest. What will happen to my character after the “betrayer” tag will be removed? Will I still need to finish the 2nd weekly quest, or will I be able to change my covenant straight away?

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Please consider removing this system permanently. Changing already wipes your progress entirely. No one in their right mind would keep going through that process on a weekly basis to optimize for a boss or something. It is already brutal enough no need to make it even more brutal.

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Yeah, because you know… they were deadly enemies before… oh wait, they always worked together.


So it’s a meaningful choice… but then sometimes it’s not a meaningful choice anyway… but then later it’s a meaningful choice again… because of Lore you know… big logic.

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Played the patch for 5 hours and I already finished all the “content”. Everything else beside these 5 hours are just repetitive chores. Gonna play tbc as it is a far better game than this dogs

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That day is 9.3 my dude. If we’re lucky - 9.2.5

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Naaaaah. Not meaningful enough.

You’re really using that word a lot Blizzard. There are synonyms, you know. :smirk:


The punishment is having to level renown and go through the entire story, and not being able to make money with the mission table until a few weeks in.

The punishment should not be having to spend a week trying to switch.


It never has been for who does High End Game. It was mostly a matter of what the best spell is.
I wish I could be Venthyr with my DH… and display the title “Countess”… but no! Elysian Decree is too strong.
So I am now a dark edgy DH among angels… it fits like Marmite with white chocolate

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According to Blizzard the Covenant choice is a meaningful choice for everyone.

“meaningful” choice

One time switch…

I gotta hand it to ya blizz, you know how to keep me away from retail👏

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So much about the meaningful choice when there is only one Venthyr Windwalker monk that killed Sire Denathrius in 7 months! xD


Woah woah woah. Wait a minute. We didn’t come here to have fun now did we? Don’t ask ridiculous stuff which makes the game enjoyable.

But at least, you did the right thing by not asking for player power removal from covenant choices, so people could choose player powers freely without swapping covenants.

Now that would have been too much enjoyable to be allowed.


Right, so when this hotfix drops I can take my shaman back to night fae without having to do the prove your worth?

Wondering the damn same… I cba doing anything before the switch.

hope this hits soon