Returning Vet LF CE guild for shadowlands

Returning ex-hardcore raiding looking for a CE guild for Shadowlands. Coming back from on and off breaks due to RL circumstances. Expierence raiding at a high level including top 500 world and server first.

I’ve played wow since vanilla and cleared most of the raid content.

I main a priest healer called Jaydee currently on draenor eu, can play both specs well but prefer holy


  • Going for CE every tier.

  • No more than 3 days a week raiding.

  • Respects real life commitments come first.

  • Raids after 20:30 server prefer on weekdays.

  • Regular M+ runs

  • Social, respectful and mature guild filled with people from UK.
    What I can give:

  • Dedicated and hardworking raider.

  • Loyal and inclusive guild member.

  • Patient player who dont mind wiping aslong as people learn.

  • High attendance rate and advance notice if a raid cannot be made due to RL events.

Discord: Jaydee#2908
Battlenet: Jaydee#2274

Have a look. Cheers broski

still looking for a guild