Revamped story in previous expansions

Here is my idea for a revamp of the story in previous expansions that will allow players to experience the overall story of an expansion.

Firstly, it starts with an addition to Chromie Time or the Adventure Guide. From there you choose which expansion’s story you want to start.
This will start a campaign for that expansion which will cover the plot of the expansion as well as the patches that came afterwards, ending with the pre-patch for the next expansion.

The current version of Chromie Time still exists for players that wish to level through the leveling zones or dungeon grinding.

Rewards can include:

  • the full levelling transmog sets from that expansion that you may have gotten from doing all the quests in the area before.

  • gold

  • relevant experience so that you reach max level through a full campaign

Important, this should not be limited to new and levelling characters. It should be a feature you can access at max level if you want to play through those stories in your own time on your main character.

Two notes that are overall issues that already exist:

  • I wouldn’t want people to feel that they have to regrind the story to get the transmog on a different armour type, so it would be nice if it added all armour types for the set to your collection.
  • It would be great if the raids could be done in a party of 5 or even a group of NPC’s for the story to continue naturally, and because the raids are usually where the story is resolved. This would help with not breaking immersion. The raid could be split in two and queued for as a normal dungeon even.

What do you guys think? Is it just a bad idea? :joy:

Firstly I’d note that this is a Story subforum so mechanical suggestions aren’t exactly supposed to be here, unless it’s related to the story.

As for the suggestion itself that’s for the most part how they’ve implemented it currently for leveling characters. You talk to chromie and she moves you to the respective “era” of Azeroth, with most of the raids from older expansion packs being easy enough to solo, with a capped character and quests already unlocking all the appearances they can offer to my knowledge.

So not a bad idea, but it’s mostly already implemented in some way :slight_smile:

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Ah my bad, I wasn’t sure where to post this.

I do think Chromie time is good and similar but it does not cover the patches that are outside of the levelling experience. For example it would not take you to Nazjatar or the old god corrupted zones to wrap up the BFA storyline.

I see what you mean. They probably could include it in the “expansion era” thing, because to my understanding the current idea is like 1-10 starting experience 10-50 old xpac, 50-60 new xpac.

That said i think they should focus on actually delivering an expansion worth playing, before focussing too much on the backlog, because that’s what most people will play through, when it launches.

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