Reviving Zandalar Tribe RPPvP Era - Call to Action!

Hello! With the recent surge in population for Classic Era, I want to try and start getting the ball rolling for the Zandalar Tribe RPPvP realm. In my opinion, this server has massive potential and it’s just sitting there waiting to fulfil that potential.

This is the call to action for anyone interested in playing on an RPPvP server! I know I am only one person, so this may ring hollow to many people (and I’m sure some of the replies will express that). However, the server isn’t ever going to populate itself, and unless we put in the effort to get it populated, the potential this server has will be lost. I’ve seen the effort people put in to get the word out about the Firemaw and Pyrewood clusters, and I want to see that start for Zandalar Tribe. Be the change you want to see and all that.

RPPvP servers are my favourite type of WoW server, the mixture of world PvP with roleplay is such a great and underrated combo in WoW. I’m sure anyone who played on Zandalar Tribe or Grobbulus back in 2019 classic knows what I mean. It’s a very unique kind of server, with a very different atmosphere that results in some of the most interesting and immersive PvP and RP events I’ve ever seen in WoW.

Here are some of the positives I feel Zandalar Tribe Era offers:

• No connected realms - Just like the RPPvE server Hydraxian Waterlords, Zandalar Tribe is NOT connected to any other realms. So you won’t see players with a server name after their player name in chat or in the world. It’s one server, and one community. This also means you have to pick one faction and stick to it (beyond playing multiple accounts).

• It’s a pseudo “fresh start” - With so few people on the server right now, it’s essentially a fresh start realm, or is as close as we can get without Blizzard releasing a new one. The AH is all but empty, and there’s only a handful of people on the realm currently. This is one of the most exciting aspects about the realm, as it’s essentially new lands for anyone that wants to play here.

• No fully geared characters - Another positive of the low starting population is that you won’t see many people running around in phase 6 Naxx gear.

• A place for RPers to play away from the Hardcore scene - As many of you probably know, the Hardcore community has exploded in popularity on the RPPvE server Hydraxian Waterlords. While I have nothing but good things to say about the hardcore community and the premise of it, due to their unique rules which includes no grouping, playing on Hydraxian as a non hardcore character can be a very frustrating experience, as you have to wait regularly in queues for any singular mob such as Goldtooth or Zalazane. Zandalar Tribe would offer a less constrictive environment for players wanting an RP realm without the anti-social hardcore rule set dominating the population.

I am hopeful there are others out there like me, that want to play on a RPPvP server again, but haven’t taken the plunge due to the tiny server size. If any of this interests you, please considering making a character on Zandalar Tribe to help rebuild the community and get the ball rolling! It will take time, but I am confident that if the interest exists, the realm will start to repopulate again.

Cheers to anyone that read this far. Hopefully I’ll see some of you in game.

UPDATED - May 2024: Both factions have a guild now.

Alliance: Self Sufficiency Society - Contact Matiska in discord or any member in game.

Horde: Self Sufficiency Society (lower case l instead of i) - Contact Matiska in discord or any member in game.

Update 2: There is now a Zandalar Tribe discord server! - ArMq35f5wF


Doing the lords work here, friend! I shall raise a glass in your honor tonight and wish the best for the future of our server. /Juice - Servers Last Hope


You are right! This is a great server to create a new little community! /Tauro - Servers Last Hope


Hail, friend! I salute your efforts and dedication to revive the RPPvP scene!

I used to play on Zandalar Tribe (and Defias Brotherhood back in the day). RPPvP is indeed a very unique experience.

As a Zandalar refugee on Firemaw, I though of creating an RPPvP guild there in hope of gathering other refugees who enjoyed the additional RP aspect Zandalar offered.

Your post made me reconsider my initial plan. Instead, I will get back to Zandalar and attempt to focus my efforts there.

May we be successful!


Hey Guys,

Is ZT part of one of the major clusters or is it separate as its RPPVP?

Are most of the people on horde side xfering in or rerolling new toons ?

I’m currently levelling on Firemaw but i used to play on ZT back in the day.

Thanks for any info.


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ZT is not connected to any other realms, much like Hydraxian, it’s kept separate due to its RP tag. Not sure about the other question.


I rerolled here today. Cant post on my new toon cause its not on the bnet system yet, but i am here.


Welcome home!


Great initiative! I still miss old ZT painfully. Rerolled a char, hoping for the best!


Rolled here recently as well.
Not having an AH makes this quite unique experience where you need to be very self sufficient. Using alts to level other professions and share the mats among your alts.
Not having tons of people running around also makes every social interaction that much more special.

I have experience playing on very small classic private servers back in the past, and that vibe of knowing all the active players on the server is something i miss.
AH might not have much/anything in it, but that just creates a type of barter system where you just have to know who farms what and interact with the people.

I am also planning on making another Alliance guild very soon.
I have some ideas for the guild that would be needlessly difficult to do as a member and not the GM, which is the reason i am creating my own. I personally am not overly worried about “splitting the playerbase” with two guilds, as the server is so small that we can easily cross-guild cooperate anyway via discord.


So good to see more and more people coming back (or giving a chance) to ZT! On the Horde side we also had a small influx of players the recent days!


We can’t really make people come here, but what we can do is try our best to keep the few people that do come here. Pretty common story is that someone rolls, levels to ~12 never seeing a single player at any capacity, then they quit.
Be proactive, whisper new people appearing on /who which don’t seem like bots/speedrunners and ask if they’d like some free bags/help with elite quests or whatever.

Hell, even ganking the opposite faction will help, because at least it’s something that tells the other player that this server has SOMETHING going on, and isn’t like playing on a private offline server.
Just don’t corpse camp. Keeping at least some theoretical sense of danger in the world livens up the experience.

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Update: We have CONFIRMED that although our server is not connected, our BGs are! So if your concerns were about late game PvP, there is plenty to be found!


Small update:

Alliance now has a second guild, and a lot of the mage bots seem to have been banned or are gone. The server population is still very small, but there has been an increase in players the past month, which is nice.

For anyone still interested in RPPvP, or trying out RPPvP, please give the server a try. Both factions have recruiting guilds now, and players are trickling in.

There is also a Zandalar Tribe discord server now if anyone is interested in that. ArMq35f5wF


Returned as Level 60 mage, enjoy the Horde community at this moment. Recently we had 10 people online which is already enough for UBRS (when everyone will be 60), dungeons or several elite quest groups. It’s enough already for parties and cooperation, people are very open, easy to talk and find what to do together. People can play solo but are happy to gather very quickly after any call.


UPDATE: The Horde Guild has now around 100 players (with a few alts included).

There is not a single day that we won’t get around 20 ppl in the guild logged in at the same time.

We have observed activity of players outside the guild too. On peek hours the combined players on /Who are between 30 and 50. (On Horde side).

The ZT DC Server is daily active with interactions from both sides.

Through combined efforts in the Neutral AH, both Factions constantly exchange materials that help with professions.

Horde side is nearing 10 level 60 chars.

Horde side has Dungeon runs of any level range, every night.

Our level 60s constantly participate in PvP action, as our BGs are connected with the rest of the servers.


Hey im looking for a fresh start so after ive finished work ill be starting a horde warrior. Will there be players for dungeons during my leveling experience?

Hello Gonutz sorry to get to you this late.
Personally i have not been playing WoW lately, irl work and such but yes there’s always people ready to do dungeons.
Join the server and if you ask in group chat or whisper someone from the guild they will give you a link for both the server discord and that guild discord if you want to join them.


The Lost World (pt. 1)

Hey, all! The brand new Zandalar Tribe (EU) classic era project is still looking for more ;D

We are trying to rebuild this server, to get it back to its former glory. We have new players joining every day and our main focus is to create a nice, toxic free community. Zandalar is what most people would call »a fresh start«. We have chosen this realm because it’s unique in Europe (RP-PvP) and there is no cluster – so we rely on eachother! But all battlegrounds are connected.

We are providing a lot of support and even trading cross faction to build up the ream population. It is rather a »normal« PvE server, at this point.

This is our current status:


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:
Nostalgia and atmosphere
:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:
Hang out, fun and communications
:fire: :fire:.
Kills and loot


:heart: :heart:.
Community Size (rising!)
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Respect and kindness


:gem: :gem: :gem:.
Crafting and auction house
:gem: :gem: :gem: :gem: :gem:
Trade and swap
Gold diggers and bots

Era is back! If you are disappointed by the actual WoW game style and its community, you might check out our little nice WoW safe haven!

Jump right in, or check out our cross faction discord for further information:

See you! ;D


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