<Rewind> [A] Hardcore 2-Day Raiding Guild

[A] [EU-Earthshaker] Hardcore 2-Day Raiding Guild [English Speaking]

About us
Rewind are currently 8/8 BWL (first night clear); 44 minute MC clear time without full consumes; 54 minute BWL clear without full consumes. No speed runs to date. The guild is primarily comprised of a core of ex-retail hardcore raiders, between us we have multiple top 10 - 15 world kills and many top 100 world kills.

Most of us have been playing since release and have known each other for many years. Currently looking for a few players who want to comfortably clear the content while having a laugh and a ton of fun!

Loot is distributed via Loot Council.

Know your Class
Be prepared for raids (consumables etc. for progress)
Able to maintain near 100% attendance for main raids

Paladin - Holy
(Exceptional players of any class are always welcome)

Raiding Schedule (Server Time)
Wednesday 19:45 - 24:00
Thursday 19:45 - 24:00
Optional 3rd day (flexible day due to resets times)

Currently only raiding 1 day a week, clearing all content

How to Apply
Apply via our Website: http://www.rewindguild.com/apply
Contact an officer on Discord or in game for more information: Hazbuk | Tarasin | Wey | Kaxxy | Crypta | Po | Bigkev

Is there any Earthshaker PvE progress info, or ladder?
Or how do you know you are actually number 1 at this realm?

Number 1 is based on logs

Still looking for people! Especially holy paladins, rogues and a resto druid!

Hi Rewind;
You lot are a bunch of rapscallions.
Thanks for giving us horde someone to keep an eye out for and slaughter on sight.
See you in-game.

Lol appreciate it Huntentine.

Still in search of players. Extra raid open very soon so get your applications in guys! (Extra raid will raid on Tuesday’s).

Still recruiting all classes! Free migration re-opens to Earthshaker tomorrow, so looking for some like-minded players who are considering moving off

How many people from rewind does it take to kill one horde? 5.

Still looking for more people, especially rogues! But also interested in anyone of any class who is experienced, logs are useful too.

Currently recruiting healers of any class and an exceptional DPS warrior.

We will of course consider any application.

Currently recruiting a Holy Paladin and a DPS warrior.

We will of course consider any exceptional application.

Bump - Still need DPS warriors - any exceptional app will be considered.

lul imagine listing security as one of the good guilds

regards from MM

Still mildly recruiting - get in before it’s too late

What you guys need? Always have been big fan :+1:t3: