Rework didn't fix Disc issues

It feels like Disc was provided with some new cool toys but fundamentally the design of the spec makes it bad in 2s and 3s. It works well in RBGs though because then it has more targets to dot and overall then it does good aoe healing and someone can cover single target healing.

In 2s and 3s the issue of Disc is actually attonment. Healing with dealing damage makes it’s damage and healing weak. If Disc could just heal with attonment it would be great but there are situations where you have to heal the burst and recover after CC you received and then you have to use Radiance that is weak. At the same time Prevoker, Holy, R Shaman, Fistweaver are able to outdamage it in 3s and are able to add more damage in 3s. In 2s you’re able to go full on damage but it’s more of a cheese build.

I wish that there was a second option to Attonment that you can choose. Either Attonment or more healing and more damage but no Attonment. This way Disc has a choice and isn’t boring in PvE in raids.


well healing through dmg has always been a problem.
It hit holy pala before (now RIP) and also monk.
Healing through dmg even only works in pve for the times the group takes miniscule dmg. Once shiat hits the fan, you need to pop a big cd. If people get hit by something hard, you usually also have to “manually” heal them as heal through dmg takes too long to recover. You cannot wait because there is a big chance the person dies.
On top of it it means they will nerf your dmg because they think, since you are doing dmg 24/7 it would be unfair for the other healers who have to choose between dmg and heal (evoker who press 1 button for major dmg, kek)

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That’s exactly my point. They gave new toys to disc but fundamentally it still has huge issues that weren’t resolved. Why would you ever play Disc in arena if there is Holy. The only bracket disc is better is RBG.

  1. Take Spirit of Redeemer
  2. Give it a cast time so it no longer functions as an emergency button
  3. Don’t allow priest much agency over who the spell will target
  4. Let it do dmg, that’ll make it Disc (but not trigger Atonement, Disc’s keystone ability).

You have now nerfed a Holy spell enough to give to Discipline ^^

Imo just remove Attonment or give an alternative choice to it. Attonment is the biggest problem of disc.

I get it why it was introduced in the first place. Disc was all about shielding people but it’s ok. It was for years like that and Disc still has plenty of it’s long time fans. Unfortunately because it heals with damage it has no burst healing. Blizzard tried to cover it with 2x PS but it still doesn’t work.

How is not working when you have disc priest over 3k rating every season/ every bracket?

I agree is not the most
Optimal and easy to play spec, but its rly better right now, and people
Got amazing results before , also.

Highest Disc in RSS was around 2600-2800 if I’m right because my friend got rank 1 in shuffle and the fact someone is 3k on check PvP doesn’t mean he plays all games as Disc. There is literally no reason to bring Disc over any other healer as it’s bad at it’s job. Taking a healer that is “bad at healing” is laughable. Whenever I get disc as a healer in RSS I’m already annoyed as I know it will be rough and we need to win the round asap.

Only Discs that were doing fine were these playing with Augs and Fistweavers are doing better doing the same thing.

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