Rework for smf build

Can you just put smf build as baseline and not talents to chose? Those 2 talents for smf build are big bs,… losing str + stam to get 5% dmg which aint even 5% its even less. Or just remove smf overall and let TG only.

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Aye, those two SMF talents should be baseline. Titan’s Grip is still gonna be better even if we get SMF talents baseline among other stuff. Jebus.

SMF should be baseline or at least both of talents should be united in one

SMF does not need direct damage buffs, it just needs more mobility / utilites compared to 2H fury; that’s logic, when you carry 2H weapons they are heave and you can not move as fast as with 1H weapons; 5% movespeed not rly enough to loose 50k HP and a bit of damage; should be at last 10% move speed bonus and something else, maybe healing from BS doubled when using 1h weapons, so that can compensate loosing 50k HP…

Problem with SMF is they only brought it back to attract players. It doesnt rly seem like they intend to make it usuable past RP reasons. Theyve not bothered touching it since it appeared in DF beta.

Hi, I will explain you one of if not the major main issues. That being balance and performance.

Now Blizz has stated that TG will be the better choice of the two for pure performance. This makes it so that you as a Fury Warrior that care about minmaxing know you just need two twohanders (the most hard to get combination of weapons). Now, in a world where you could also use SMF and it was competative - there would be scenarios where you would want SMF over TG. So every Fury warrior would now need 4 weapons. Two twohander, two onehanders.

Sure, you personally might not mind - but think of the mindboggling hell it would be to get your hands on weapons for the progressing Fury Warrior. You now compete with all the twohander users and onehander users. You basically swallow up not only two twohander, but 4 weapons in total. Insanity.

That is the main argument of the matter from Blizzards and most of the warrior community’s point of view: We don’t want to farm out four weapons, so we can be optimal in all scenarios. So TG is the go to for all option chosen.

And to sum it all up, if you simply are a casual player that enjoy the game and want to play SMF - just do it. The DPS difference will not be bottlenecking you in your HC or slow-prog mythic raids, nor in m+ up to 20 level. So enjoy SMF, there are noone but yourself stoping you.

Note: Most aruge for SMF just want using onehanders as a visual thing. So hey, join that bandwagon and ask for TG to being able to be mogged to look like SMF.

Hope that helps you out understanding the situation. Have a great coming weekend!

months ago i was on the side that smf should be changed and made viable, but the longer this goes on the more i am leaning towards the “make 2handers transmoggable into 1handers”-side. this woud solve so many problems.

dualwielding 2handers is not very astethicaly pleasing and i would prefer dual wielding 1handers since it looks way superior in my opinion

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the biggest problem for me using fury loot for valut and gettin 1h wepons over 2h’s its always like dat :slight_smile: overall they should remove those 2 talents for smf

Set your loot option to arms and never get any 1hander again

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ye and to get stats for arms and not fury? gg

they are the same stats. fury and arms share the same loot pool except that fury also can loot 1handers. the other items are 100% identical

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As stated above, if you go arms specialisation you will recieve only twohander options - and all the same gear as loot as if you were in fury spec. You should also set it to arms during raids and m+, you only want to go prot once in a while to get a shield and 1hand :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

And what if I want to be able loot only 1h without tank items? Yes, I have no choice. Damn dev’s.

SMF Shoulda never returned. I’m sorry, but it shouldnt, Warrior has such deep issues currently regarding its DPS Speccs in regards to be wanted at all among content.

Which shoulda taken more focus then, returning RP Elements.

I’m in the “Make 2-handers transmoggable into 1-handers”-camp, Blizz aren’t even vaguely interested in balancing the two, but a few races (Orcs and Tauren, mostly) aside, dual-wielding 2-handers looks ridiculous.

So just make them transmoggable, maybe some sort of one-time trade-in option for people who would suddenly need a pair of 2-handers instead of the 1-handers they have, and it’s all sorted.

This would be the easiest fix realistically. Complicating balancing and more so adding things to the pool of balancing they dont intend to work on generally hampens a specc.

Problem is, its extremely unlikely to happen. Another method is just make smaller 2handed options for aesthetical apperance.

Although i disagree with the notion dual wielding 2handed is silly i find the dual wielding 1handed to look far more silly with the animations for fury warrior.

The trick is that there are many cool 1-hander models that will become useless then (I’m personally a huge fan of the flails added in DF), and just telling people “Well, use the few smaller weapon-models then” is very limiting.

Weapons in WoW are very showy, and in the case of 2-handers, often downright huge (Quite silly even when used as 2-handers), dual-wielding those is fun, if it’s a choice, but being stuck with green-quality quest rewards for transmog is not fun.

Sure true, but you could say that with every class in the game, we are all limited from certain weapons etc etc. Thats entirely normal.

If u add 1handed mogs for 2handers. Other classes will want it and class identity will be lost.

SMF has always been an afterthought. A few times over the years it has been better, though that has usually been overshadowed by having an “ultimate” weapon during a content patch that was a 2hander, surpassing the SMF advantage in both damage and survivability.

Blizzard does not for whatever reason want to have SMF be seriously competitive. I’ve said from the start that SMF should function exactly the same as TG from a power point of view, it should just be another way to get weapons and otherwise cosmetic, my example has always been how 2handers work for Barbarians in Diablo 2, when dual wielded.

But they wanted it to be unique, the trouble was they made it uniquely worse. I think the idea of it being completely different to TG is cool but it’s unnecessary, and especially if it’s different while being quite clearly a lot worse.

What you really want and what we really need is the ability to transmog 2h into 1h.

What I really want is a play without Ravager+Hurricane and have competitive dps.
Really hate only one true way.