Rgest-Ten Storm horde toxic player stay away

I want to warn this type of ppl his name is Rgest-Ten storm he is lv 52+ i dont know im level 42 and i cant kill the tiger for quest keep camping.
I hope writing on forum to stay alert and dont play with this type of ppl toxic and no lifer.
Rgest-Ten Storm horde i hope you all the bad thing in this world in future

Heads-up from the forum guidelines

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This was nouveau mode in the private server I was playin on just before Classic launched.

There were ppl in T2/T3 camping Bangalash allllll day killing lowbies. Basically the whole of STV was camped.

I used to think these were Russian players, until I saw a Dwarf Hunter, the most notorious camper, post with a photo of his rig and basement from California in Reddit.

Knowing how these people think, they will never stop and will never leave you alone. Posting here will only make it worse, since the Griefer already has an idea who you might be in game.

Look i found another toxic one!

When Blizzard announced Classic release date, which they announced in november iirc, I immidietly stopped palying on my mage that I had leveled on Northdale. I kind of lost interest to progress, or farm, or level an alt, and I didn’t really play on it again as I wanted to savour Classic.

However, every now and then I’d log in and kill lowbies. The leveling zones were ridicously overpopulated because a lot of people wanted to try out pservers when they couldn’t get into the beta. The area with the elite quests in Redridge was a particularly good place. I’d spend a few hours killing everyone. It was a lot of fun.

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