Ride into Celestial Escapades with the Lunar Pack

Ride into Celestial Escapades with the Lunar Pack

Get six mounts in this ethereal bundle, or fill out your Collection with the ones you have yet to add at an interstellar discount.

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Nah we’re good thanks!

How about focusing on the content that people have already paid for, you know the normal game, not ingame shop related crap!

Cool, thanks!


They are actually doing pretty good with the content and stuff so stop whining .

And how is this news related to the in-game issues?
You know that there are 2 different teams responsible for these parts of the game, right? And people who came up with this pack have never touched any other content besides, well, shop and the stuff it offers?

No thanks for these micro transactions. I already pay to play the game


Nice mounts, instabuy :star_struck:

I think they are all from the 6 months sub… I have them all already :sweat_smile:

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Can we get some PvP balancing and Demon Hunter PvP nerfs, blizzard?

4 of them. The other two you had to pay for first.

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You sure? :thinking: I don’t remember buying them… maybe I bought just the dog.

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