Ride the Night With the Hallow’s End Pack

Ride the Night With the Hallow’s End Pack

A ghastly good deal can be yours during Azeroth’s spookiest season with this menacing menagerie of mounts and pets!

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Eh, I’ll just wait for these to eventually show up on the Trading Post next year

Edit: I just realized I have most of these anyways xD, but I still recommend others to be patient if you want to get them free thanks to the Trading Post. Don’t fall for the FOMO tactics. :slight_smile:

That 's is a really badly cropped image for a Thread.

Whether this is worth it or not doesn’t even matter. It gives you a bad reputation, Blizzard; and you just won’t stop :frowning:

Please guys buy moce microtransaction. Think about poor Bobby, he has only two monts left to secure more revenue for himself :frowning:

Insta buy, such a good offer can’t be refused

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