Right Click mouse issue!

Hello everyone,

Since the start of tbc I start having issues with my right click. I use this often to turn camera/character view and never had any issues in vanilla. Since then i have not changed any settings or any setups.

So the issues are two. first , when u press and hold right click, on release of the right click it counts that as a right click making me target all sort of things.
Second is that sometimes when press and hold right click, the games stops registering that im holding it for like 1 sec and start working again after.

I have checked everywhere all the possible solution as this is making the game really unbearable and impossible to play.

Some of the things I have tried is to switch off all addons , use sticky targeting , removed all overlays and startups from pc , and many others possible “solutions” posted on the forum.

None of it worked. Please help me resolve this issues.

Many thanks in taking time reading this.

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I have the exact same issue. Some of my friends are also affected. It makes some bosses extremely hard to deal with, such as Xy’exa in DOS.

Using a Logitech G604.

Edit: The issue seems to be related to targeting somehow. It happens sometimes when I try turning and my mouse cursor passes over a character, even if I don’t actually right click on the character - and even with right clicking targeting disabled through an AddOn (have tried with and without said AddOn installed).

After trying a million different things, it turned out it was the simplest of solutions in my case. Kind of embarrassing, but a pressured air can did the trick. The reason I had the issues when other characters were around was simply that my right mouse button registered multiple clicks without me realizing it. Works like a dream now, and I can finally give higher dungeons a go again :smiley: