Ring in the New Year with the January Trading Post

Where Draenei Weapons? :c


I guess I’ll spend some from my 8000 tender and buy the scarab mount.

This catalogue is weak again btw, literally unacceptable. Make a huge 2h sword for next month.

They’re probably setting up to sell Tenders directly soon enough… mounts here went from the typical 600 to 800, a 33% increase!


Oh man, january is going to be an expensive month for me.
That’s a lot of cool stuff imo. I also love the watch, but it feels weird as a monthly reward honestly. The wastewander being the monthly and the watch just being for sale would make more sense imo.

I’m going to be spending anywhere between 2000 and 3500 tender. :astonished:

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This has a lot of good stuff for me :slightly_smiling_face: I can finally have some bright yellow mog with the chest, gloves and scarf

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To goad you into buying whatever “bundles” they release.

… being 8 mounts away from 500, will have to get a mount or two :+1:

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It’s to make it so that you have to make choices. And when stuff returns to the Trading Post, you’ll still have stuff to buy instead of you going: I have all that. It’s to give the system more longevity.

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totem for tauren is perfect. and the carrot sarong for this toon too!

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Well that’s just naive.

Everything in the TP could have been given out to us in the game differently by participating the the games activities.

Instead, they have implemented this new monetization system that’s just a glorified battlepass with a shop.

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You earn half of your tender every month BY participating in the game’s activities.
So I’m not sure what you’re on about.

If you want to look at it that way, that’s your prerogative. I choose to take Ion’s comments in good faith when in a recent interview he said:

  • The overall cost of things isn’t increasing over time, but the amount of things in the catalogue is increasing but that’s because they’re adding back catalogue items.
  • They’re looking at providing additional ways to provide players to earn additional tender in game.
  • The Trading Post isn’t something they’re looking to use as a major vector for monetization.
  • There will continue to be occasional bundles (e.g. expansion pre-order) that contain Tender.
  • There were some smaller bundles for Tender. Those were an experiment and there are no plans in the short term to do those.
  • Their plan is to rotate every item back in some form.

As I consider this function as a monthly free gift (it takes hardly any effort to fill the bar) I won’t moan, just choose or leave as suites me.

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I like a few things but there is nothing I absolutely must have bar the updated scarab dress because young me farmed that forever and never got it.


You sure this outfit Gossamer Desert Gown is Ok ? I mean we won’t want those easily offended to start another twitter storm :rofl:

Probs the only outift I am getting for myself.

Same struggled for the purple one. Hopefully we get that and a few more color variation.


All we need to go with the watch is a North Face tracksuit and a Canada Goose jacket


Fox mount is a ground mount and a recolor. Only other mounts to be this cheap are other ground mounts or gryphon and wind rider mounts (spectral and alabaster) which are only available to one faction. Their pricing is generally consistent.


Would have preferred one of the mounts to be the reward and then buy the watch but everyone likes different things.


hmmmm…that watch though. I get why its the reward (new year, time is the theme!) but if its just a wrist thats covered by your gloves then its abit rubbish.
Now if it comes with an effect? Like the sands of time swirl around you when you are wearing it, then it would be an awesome reward!

Lots of stuff for me this month. Love the pterrodax mount (the bug is pretty but I hate the seating position). Also wastewander outfit is great, love the gun.
Plus plenty of cheap stuff I want too…dress, gloves, boots, tabard.
poopsicles, Im not gonna have enough tender. :smile:


A watch? A freaking watch? Now I know how Howard Payne felt in Speed. The Wastewander ensemble or the scarab would have been better for the bonus reward.

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yeahh me too also because we know that watch has recolors that’ll come from some other stuff . i don’t see these things as ‘‘bonus reward’’ but more like ‘’ the important reward’’ because that’s the thing we actually do something to earn i expect it to be the best one