RIP Arnold

For those that knew him
For those that knew about him.

Our beloved gnome legend Arnold passed away IRL last week.

Never forgotten.

<Memento Mori>
Passed away like, died irl?

rest in peace, Arnold
Is this serious? A real life death or are you guys trollin?

If not.. then RIP you were a great guy Arnold, you will be missed.
According to facebook it's true and it happened around the 2nd of November.
RIP Arnold!
Yes IRL. i updated the post to clear confusion
R.I.P Arnold, one of the Coolest gnomes I've met.
That charming fellow. Rest in peace!
RIP, I remember ur good memories from arenas in wotlk. Mr.Legendary :(
wtf! RIP :'(
RIP Arnold :(
RIP my beloved Gnome :(
RIP Arnold, was a honor knowing you <3
I recognise his name, never knew him though, RIP :(
RIP Arnold :'( you will be missed buddy and may you be playing your gnome in heaven.