RIP Mistweaver😭

We really didint get a buff?? cool that they nerfed someting that needed a nerf. But cmon do someting about MW this is just sad.


I’m only playing gearing up my mw monk in preparation for when they buff mw monks to being viable again in arena. But this is a horrid way to spend the game, playing in hope that on the off chance that a buff might come for mw that might not even come for months or a few seasons. Not sure wether to stop playing until the mw buffs are here because this ain’t fun.

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PvP? Agreed. We are hot garbage and I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of buffs we need to bring us in line with something like hpala

PvE? Nah we’re good in PvE. We could do with something for m+ (like an interrupt) but our healing, survivability, cds, and damage are all fine. If anything I’d like to see some aspects of the other healers (rsham and hpal) tuned down a bit in raids.

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I am hoping the lack of flat out buffs means a total rework (stances back, bubble while stunned, soothing off GCD etc) for MW for 9.1.

That said, I still love MW so much I switched my main spec to MW (despite WW being so strong right now). I’m even dipping my lil’ casual toes into the pool of arena skirmishes (until we get solo queue for rated) and I manage just fine (I know, mostly worse noobs than me, but still).

I do really hope they rework us a little, but I also really enjoy surprising people who thought this MW was a faceroll. I feel like a misty green trickster and I can hear the frustrated screams of my enemies in random bgs when I just won’t die (unless they finally catch me, lol) :smiley:


There is no way that they would rework MW monks mid expansion, not gonna happen.
It is really sad, i just want to play pvp even tho i am so weak compared to other healers, but i cannot even find people to play with. Nobody wants to play with MW monks, only bad players who have no idea about current class balance.


With the amount of attention Mistweavers got throughout Alpha and Beta… I wouldn’t hold my breath.


This is underestimated. A well-timed ring of peace and double torpedo can get you away from pretty much anything, and if you’ve just shot behind friendly lines, you’re going to stay there and make sure the warrior in front of you doesn’t die :slight_smile:

Or maybe you actually set your teleport point by the flag that someone is trying to ninja while your dps are distracted. How about no?

And as pandaren, I’m starting to like Quaking Palm > wait for the trinket > Leg Sweep > RSK > Paralyze and run away. People do not expect a healer to pull out three stops in a row. (Edit: especially if you took the conduit that slows the target after Paralyze.)


our damage is not good at all outside of rising run kick

MW will usually out DPS other healers during a raid encounter.

But in pvp the dmg is non existent

Yep, and it puts us in such a bad position so I agree on that one.

No, MW is bad in PVE too. This post explains it very well.

Ah yes, 1/10 Mythic raider hits the nail on its head when it comes to MW monk, and the people who are 9/10 or 10/10 Mythic who claim it’s good are just completely wrong. And so are the theorycrafters :slight_smile:

Shaman doesn’t “use riptide to save lowest HP member” lol. They just spam it on CD and have a million of them up. The reason not many MWs have been brought for Denathrius is because it’s a 4 heal boss and people bring shaman/disc/hpal because those specs are better because of either their dmg (paladin) or DR/CDs (spirit shell, spirit link, AM).

“far less useful kind of healing” Is also just blatantly wrong. Paladin has no real AoE raid healing, so on any fight with AoE healing, you could use the same argument and go “they are bad”. That post you sent me is coming from a person who seems pretty new to Mistweaver and healing in general, as he does not seem to know what he is talking about. He also does not have a single Cutting Edge, which indicates he has not played at a level where these things will ever matter.

It’s funny how you ignore information that is easily available through class discord and websites where theorycrafters and actual top raiders openly speak about these things and make guides, while taking what a 1/10 Mythic raid says to heart even though he is actually wrong.

The majority of FW healing is still slow and steady rot healing. When my EF heals a raid member at 95% it technically contributes to HPS but is not particularly useful.

Does this mean that Resto Druid healing is somehow not useful either? Does this mean healing rain, RJW and hots aren’t useful because they do “slow” healing? Do you think EF is used when the raid is at 95% health with no further damage coming in? He is also ignoring the fact that vivify does exactly what he thinks MW doesn’t do. He is also ignoring the fact that you don’t play RJW outside of a few fights like Shriekwing (irrelevant boss), Council, and maybe Inerva.

EF and ATotM aren’t useful even though they’re heal that seek out low HP players in your raid? Rising Mist is not useful considering it lets you have 4-5 rems up when you press vivify (at which point it’s more mana efficient than Essence Font) and does a lot of healing for basically no mana?

Are 99% hp players low HP players?
This is the weakness. It heals 99% hp players as much as 5% hp players. MW needs smart heal.

EF is a smart heal… and you don’t cast EF if people are on 5% hp. This is very basic healer stuff and I should not have to explain it to you.

We Just need 1-2 Spells Like cocoon or FB zu ne useable in stun
And make the heal from atotm smart or Hit 2 people with Less Power ( down from 250% to xxx)
Also in PvP there should be a rework about Mana…

Pve wise im Feeling fine

Needs a Buff, at least Mana and defensive abilitys
I dont Think HPS is a Problem or that we have no Damage for pvp

A proper Mythic plus team will likely invite a MW monk. MW monk gets oom fast, no combat ress, no interrupt, also without way of the crane there is not enough dmg.
Personally me as a tank, I will always choose resto shaman, paladin or even disc instead of a monk.

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I am a casual player and in Legion and BFA I played Upwelling in raids, because it’s easy to play and leaves you time to take care of the mechanics. I absolutely loved my monk and I thought I would never play anything else. I don’t care that much about not providing additional utility, but when it comes to needing at best several druids to innervate me and spend their utility on ME, just so that I can perform at a comparable level with Shamans and Druids, then the monk is dead for me. I know all you super pro players are having a blast fistweaving but that has never been an option for me. Upwelling is almost impossible for a casual player now. I think it’s total sh*** that blizzard have done this.

Upwelling is indeed more mana intensive than Rising Mist. I do wish they’d make Upwelling more “in-line” with Fistweaving. However I don’t want it to be on par with Rising Mist considering how much harder Rising Mist makes the spec to play optimally.