Ripspawn Guild

bit of a longshot but i was in a guild on ED back in Vanilla and visited Ireland to meet most of them. Just wondered if anyone was still around from the Guild. It was a Horde based guild and mainly in to PVP


Im still playing as Kayrn, joined after Ripspawn went from Emerald Dream to Talnivarr.

Indeed we went to Ireland for a guildmeeting.

Im affraid I do not know of a Kitira, was that your name back then?

Hey, didn’t see your reply. It was back in Vanilla and MC days but used to play as Yourmum, Urmum and Icymum (yes I was young). I remember a few names, ladysorrow, Maglor, Josidiah, soul.

Just yesterday onedrive showed me some pics of the meet.

Anyone still around?

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