RMX back on the menu

Watching AWC, Shadowlands all over again… RMP domination, rogues left untouched. Or even if they nerfed Assa, they would prolly buff outlaw/sub there will be always 1 rogue broken spec. They just cant balance this class to be normal and playable, but HEY better nerf RETS/FERALS and other classes to the ground, LMAO :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


its not RMP domination so much as total rogue domination. Must have been 80% of teams playing with an assa rogue, whether it be with SP, lock, ele, monk, hunter, whatever. Its just always rogue rogue rogue rogue


Sub is op aswell assa is just ahead lontar tested it on stream w brunhity sub can global you 2


Arcane mage is literally the range ret, did you see how hard it can hit? For abourt 450-500k bursts mixed with broken assa rogue? What are they doing, my god man


In conclusion:
Rogue needs a raw nerf on their dmg across all specs :+1:


I wonder if we ever will see a season with rogues being bad, watching wow history guess not.


It’s impossible to balance rouge because if it’s not s tier means a lot of unsubs.


If my memory serves me well s12 rogue was bad fore like 3 months.

And then they got Cloak and Daggers without a cap on the blink effect rofl.
Good times.

Other than that, I agree with the original poster… 2 months into DF and just like that, Rogue Mage is back at the top of the food chain.

RMP and RMX ruined WoW as E-sport, Mage and Rogue when together are just otherworldly powerful, so no one can respect them as winners, I wont be suprised if chair fly into stage when those guys get trophy, people are just sick to see medicore skilled RMX how trample evry other team, doing like 100x mistakes while oposite team cannot allow one mistake. Thats overal very sad, because winners who won torunament as RMX cannot be respected , not because they are bad players, but because blizz took away their title and make somehting unfairly powerful as RM, OP classes in E-Sport breed disrespect, bring them in line already, and then let the better win.


Yep they died to KFC cuz warr taste for blood was broken af but that was for a short time

This. 100p. If you play rogue mage, or even just rogue in the current state lol, you get no respect. It’s like playing on easy when everyone else is playing nightmare difficulty in the tournament…


Would it help if every team could ban one spec they play against? Like in league of legends, just one or two bans.

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If I could ban meeting mages in arena maybe I wouldn’t quit arena after the first season every expansion. They’re the worst designed class I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing against in any MMORPG and for some reason they’re always insanely overpowered. This time all 3 specs are.

Yo dude, dont you read all the rogue experts here??? They die easily!!! AWC players just dont want easy wins and intentionally don’t target them. Also all the arms/ret palas, right? Can we all just agree perma stealth should be PVE only and ms from rogues must be removed. Then for the 1st time in 19 years they actually gonna be balanced :slight_smile:

ps I also like to give an example and prove why rogue/mage is OP. There is no other class top players can pilot and 1v2 so consistantly less expirienced players in every season ever. Can you imagine R1 warrior winning against rogue/mage at 1800, there would be riots.

Also food must be banned except for drinks for healers from arena. What kind of toxic gamplay is it to reset until your opponent is out of trinket/big saves? And healing reduction just makes it worse. On top of it the eye give you debuff and you still have to chase rogue. Its some twisted trolling. If anything rogue must be the one punished if opponent gets it and not rewarded by even more damage.


Exactly as RM you are allowed to do countless stupid , even low intelect mistakes yet have toolkit and mechanic to fix those mistakes, while opponent team cannot afford even one minor rotational mistake in healing and someone woud die… And all this is under presume those guys dont crit enough, so even if you do all perfect there is chance they overcrit you into death.


I suggest we open more FORUM POSTS ABOUT ROGUE NERFS like everyone did for RETS/FERALS and they throwed them in the gutters. So please at least we can show them, they have a guy who takes info from forums and go to devs and give it to them, u can hear it in interview from “Lore guy” he did that job lol

they dont ever touch pvp forum and EU forum is more useless than toilet paper

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have to kinda agree with some peeps here, it’s not really a rogue mage world as much as just a rogue world tbh. I wouldn’t be too quick to start nerfing mages again cus all in all theyve actually been 1 of the more balanced classes this expansion.

rogues however seem to just slot in with any other good class and wins everything. already seen RPS/RPP absolutely dominating NA, combination of rogue lock / rogue mage / rogue ele dominating on EU, and even in 2v2 rogue has been an absolute abomination since launch


Wouldn’t be surprised if they start nerfing every class which seems to pair well with rogue - SP, Mage, Hunter, etc - and leave Rogue untouched. Somehow they just always let rogue be the best class in the game. Remember in SL when they nerfed Mage patch after patch (which was fair tbh, Fire was seriously OP up until S3 then it was just carried by Rogue / holy priest) to fix rogue mage, but never touched rogue? Well what eventually happened is the meta became outlaw + fury / outlaw + feral for full pve rofl

excellent idea
the whole spec is a little harsh, we wanna see sp but there could be ban for spec combos, e.g. ban arcane + assa