Rogue 4/8M looking for Mythic guild

(Sorki) #1

Hello, I’m Sorki.

Update: got trial spot

So I’m looking for a new guild because some of current guildies decided to unsub or think about it.

Something about me
I’m active rogue from Poland looking for English (multinational too) speaking guild. During week I’m mostly active from morning to afternoon and doing M+, Island Exp and WQ (farming AP).

What I’m looking for
I’m looking for mythic raiding guild that can combine both: chilling mainwhile before raid or on trash pulls; while also be focus on mythic boss pulls, and also guildies that I can push some mythic +.
Due to my real life state (home, Kids, Wife) I’m looking for a guild that raids 2 days a week and hours between 20:00 up to 00:00 Server Time

What I can offer
Attendance 95%-100% (unespected things with children);
Prepared with boss tactics;
working with logs to learn where I can improve;
I’m OK while group is wiping on hard progression and I’m OK to standby if fight req. diffrent raid composition;

What I can’t offer
I can’t offer alt ready to jump on mythic progression;
I can’t offer beeing guild drama queen;

My logs:
https: // www. warcraftlogs. com / character /eu / draenor / sorki
My raider io:
https: // raider. io / characters / eu/ draenor / Sorki

If You want to contact with me:
My Discord:

I can consider realm/race change with good offers.