Rogue class hall quests for artifact weapons are bugged and cannot be completed

Hello there! I was leveling my rogue through the legion zone, i have done quest chain for kingslayers and how i have quest “The unseen blade” which i cant turn in, because Garrona isnt in class hall, theres only Greymane woman sitting. Ive read multiple reports that theres not only kingslayers quest chain is bugged, other weapons aswell, any feedback from blueposters? My character is struck on this and i cant progress further, ive made a ticked, but i need to wait 2 days lol.

Did you maybe send her on a mission?

No, i did not, its an introduction quest.
From US forums:
So Blizzard support cannot handle this situation? I understand that you have lots of other things to do, but this one is critical, i attached screenshot to the ticket , there not only me struck at this point.

You’d have to ask them.

Making forum posts isn’t asking them. Forum staff are not GM’s. The only way to communicate with the GM team, is via an in-game ticket.

Hey i have the same issue for more then a week now.
I completed the Quest “The Dreadblades” on my rogue but the NPC doesnt appear in the Hall of Shadows so i cant complete and the 3 answers on my ticket were not helping at all. They copy paste the same text and dont even read what im writing. They just send me a description how to get into the Hall of Shadows as if im to dumb to find the way for a week straight.
So i decided to make a new Rogue and try it again.Leveled him to lvl 48 went to dalaran did the Quest “The Dreadblades” again and have the same issue on my other rogue. My rogues are on 2 different Servers and one is Horde the other Alliance. So “The Dreadblades” is bugged aswell…

Currently 28/06/22 the only way to end quests for artifact weapons for rogue in the Class hall is only to make a ticket and let GM manually end quest for you. Got a response today. Gm ended quest for me, now i can progress further.

Having the same problem with The Dreadblades quest no NPC to hand into, they are just not there. Cant move on with any quests on my rogue but have submitted a ticket so guess its just sit and wait :roll_eyes:


I’m happy to hear that you were able to get the issue fixed Lolindakek! We are currently aware that there have been some phasing problems with the Rogue Order Hall, which in turn is preventing some quest turn ins. We also have Support Articles up for these quests, which we recommend you try to follow first :

If your character is at the point where they have the artifact weapon in their inventory, but still cannot complete the quest after following the steps in the articles above, our Support Team should be able to assist via a ticket.