Rogue looking for guild - Draenor



Currently a 407ilvl Rogue looking for a raiding guild on Draenor.

I’ve recently got back into wow after a short break and I’m keen to progress with the new raid.

I have a very young daughter however lucky that most nights I can be on however my login time is usually around 21:00 server time or slightly before. I appreciate this limits my options somewhat however I’m hoping to find a guild that is open to these times for raiding

I look to be the best I can and with such a limited time I’m always focused and tenacious.




Hey man,

Me and some returning friends (previous cutting edge xp, however not required) habe started a guild up for palace, we are looking for dps to jump into raids again, from what ive read your post and you seem dedicated to both your own interest and family, i would support this and if you needed to turn up late could just drop me a message and would be no problem. Feel free to add me pal. james#24263


Hi Ginslinger (great name btw)!

Arc Star Out is looking for more DPS to complete our raid team. We just started normal progression yesterday and managed 6/8 bosses with a few pugs. We’re really aiming to get those pug spots filled by core raiders. Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 - 23:30 server time, which I know is a big earlier than 21:00, but I thought I’d post a reply just in case we tickle your fancy. if we do then please don’t hesitate to contact me on bnet: Candycorn#2408 or discord: Candycorn#6356.