Rogue (Sin/Outlol) LF raiding Guild

Rogue looking for a Guild that preferably raid 2 days a week to be able to put more focus into M+ having possibility of experiencing Raiding content as always :slight_smile:

My current progress is 7/8 M in EP and I’m looking forward for a place to kick of with the coming expansion as a part of the Raid Team.

Please contact me in game (Caffeine#21434) or over Discord (Caffeine#3178).

Raider IO profile --> Caffeíne (EU) Tarren Mill
WoWLogs -> Caffeíne Tarren Mill (EU)]
Armory -> Caffeíne Tarren Mill (EU)]

I can’t iclude direct links but I’m happy to share them whenever asked :slight_smile:


Posting from the right profile now :slight_smile: