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Hello all.

My question is: is Shrouded Suffocation still an important trait on raids? or is it better to use 3 x Double Dose because i noticed dps increase in AoE scenarios without using any SS while i had 3 x DD, i’m asking because i don’t know if it’s better setup or just it was rng.


Depends on if you use toxic blade or exsanguinate I still prefer using SS for both single target and mythic plus/cleave and haven’t seen any major difference from when I used double dose but on aoe SS should be performing much better as double dose is pure single target imo but simming yourself will always help out too


I’m using Toxic Blade, tbh im following every guide point by point and doing exactly what they say but i still feel my dps is lacking, sometimes i can pull 19k single target on boss, but mostly its ~12k even if assa rogue is slow and done perfectly, that bothers me if im doing anything wrong or is it crit rng based.


Maybe try using master assassin instead of sub as I think that talent fits the toxic build better I’ll take a better look once I’m on pc if that helps


I really appreciate your help.

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double dose is insanely strong single-target. it’s absolutely worth using. and yeah MA is good.

here’s a random sim of my char comparing SS and DD with MA and subterfuge.

https:/ /

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For raid situations I’d suggest going Double Dose as previously mentioned, for mythic + you want Shrouded suffocation and the fan of knives trait if possible too. you can sim your current gear and talent set up with websites like raidbots to help you narrow down whats best for you in certain situations!


I’m aware of raidbots simming, but i don’t know how to do trait comparison except reforging and then simming, but it’s gonna cost much gold. Can i go 2 x DD and 1 x SS for M+ content? because i have SS and DD on the same piece in the same ring.

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you can sim on raidbots the azerite pieces too by toggling the pieces you want same for the traits, saves you spending the gold too. If you have simulation craft addon installed it copies all the gear from your bags and everything else you have which would impact a boss pull.


Thank you for all!


Dont forget Treacherous Covenant – its MEGA OP in both m+ and raiding :slight_smile:

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