Rogue & Warrior Looking for raiding guild

Hello there,

me Warlock, 27, and Shady, 20, looking for a Guild on Defias Brotherhood.

We came back after a break of WoW and try to find a Guild for having fun. We don´t look for a straight up Mythic running guild, more does we want to experience the feeling of actually raiding with people that actually have fun together even when we wipe at a boss.

Especially me experienced some very bad mood in Mythic Raids even when the Guild where not a progress guild.

Something about our Characters:

Twixel is a Tank Warrior played by Lvl13Warlock. My GS is 409 and a objective that is aimed to be changed. It would be my second time raiding as a tank, the last time I did it in Warlords of Draenor Black Rock Foundry.

Noctisumbra is a Outlaw Rogue we have a pretty similar GS and the last time he raided was in Legion.

We hope to find a guild together where we can raid together too. And for me I would like to find a guild that is giving me the chance to actually Raid as a tank again because I really enjoy to be one.

When you want to add us on Battle Net, feel free to do so for asking more Questions.

Lvl13Warlock#2463 & ShadyGamer#21284

PS: Discord = Lvl13Warlock#0751