Rogue, warrior or mage for main pve only (preferably for future expansions aswell


i am looking for a main for pve and i love all these classes equally. which has historically been best in terms of damage and everything raid related? how does a ranged class compare to a melee in dps in raid environments? i am interested in tanking as a prot warrior aswell, but i dont know if i’ll like tanking raids.

this is my opinion on the classes:

warrior has a soft spot since i have played it since wotlk. but i never seriously raided before, since i was the only one who played. the warrior fantasy and their look was always my favorite. warrior always feels powerfull in every spec, and i truly feel like a badass leader of some sort when playing it .i am just a sucker for doing tons of dmg (ofc i care about the fun i have with a class more but still i love pulling big numbers) and i am not sure i can get those numbers on warrior since they have less dps spec.

the thing i love about rogue is that they have a higher skillcap especially sub. also they are almost good at everything when mastered. the thing that holds me from maining rogue is their look. (it might sound silly but i care about transmogs alot) and also i am scared of being a trash rogue since i never raided.

i love mage because you get a good overview of the battlefield in raids do its less chaotic. all specs are fun and unique. all of them have procs which i enjoy very much too. the only negative is honestly whenever i play mage i dont feel like myself. rogue and warrior feel more like what i would traditionally pick in a game. so mage feels weird even tho their specs are just as fun.

any suggestios with this info?


Looking at all the years of WoW, i think mage has been the most stable in terms of viability. They always had at least one spec that was outstanding.

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