Rogue/Mage. Is it balanced?

You’re not wrong, but I feel like RM hard countering any and every spec without a major defensive that’s usable while stunned is a bit broader of a stroke than one spec in particular being ringed out of Dome no matter how obnoxious that feels.

Overall you’re probably right, and I appreciate that I’m not the best player in the world and that I seldom play flawlessly into every RM matchup. I think the issue that most people (or at least myself personally) have with it is in just how low the skill floor has sunk.

Swap the Rogue or Mage with a Shadow Priest for example, and I would bet money that the vast majority of modern RM players would be completely incapable of beating anything.

Rogue/Mage used to have to execute their game plan flawlessly to capitalise on their strengths as a comp. It is far too lenient in its current iteration. It feels like you’re playing against a CertainlyT champion for those who are familiar with League of Legends; your primary win condition is them being piloted by monkeys.

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I mean, playing one composition well does not mean you’d do well with another composition especially if you play it at higher ratings.

Just like a sub playing mainly sub/holy has no reason whatsoever to perform well in mage/rogue. In my experience they performed rather terribly barring some exceptional cases.

You could make the case for countless other examples of swapping a spec to fundamentally change the composition, I think that argument is completely silly.

Also, if mage rogue was that good, surely the top of the 2s ladder would be full of fire mages (it isn’t).

Mage rogue excels at beating noobs and punishing bad plays and, while it’s very strong, it gets overshadowed by way, way bigger offenders.

Based on data from 62 000 2v2 matches from the previous 4 weeks. Last updated 10 August 2022

Shadowlands Season 4 top 2v2 comps

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Damn that RM looks popular

Tbh I have no idea from what rm got countered, I guess stuff like demonology/resto sham or dk/healer.

I find as sub/sp we do normally well into that but it’s pretty hard since every mage play stun blink and sp dmg is trash to even break the barrier, but still doable for sure.

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My argument was that (imo) the barrier of execution to RM is far lower than that of other double DPS comps, sincerely even compared to double hybrid; which is sad given its history.


My problem with Rogue/Mage isn’t that it is unwinnable because it is even as Ele/R Druid. The issue is that it is frustrating and they can always win even though they make mistakes. Ret/Feral is probably way harder and truely unbeatable for Ele/R Druid as you can’t really finish anything without MS and they have too much CC combined with mobility to ever kill one of them. What’s making you really mad is either dying in Stun when you cannot respond while your healer is in CC or watching your healer die while you are in Poly. Resonators literally gave them another 100-0 go with little to no CDs.

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Every comp can beat other comps whilst making mistakes… The fact people always seem to mention it only as rogue/mage is laughable.


You’ll probably find that it’s because Rogue/Mage in particular had originally built (well earned) notoriety for being a mechanically demanding comp, which over the years has only gotten easier to pilot whilst simultaneously becoming more deadly.

This is true but it does not exist at the same level as it does for RMP. If me and my healer press trinket at the same time, he’s probably going to die next go. If RMP overlap trinkets and other defensives, where’s the punish? The win condition for most comps against RMP nowadays isn’t to necessarily kill them, rather to outlive them with perfect/near perfect cd rotation.

Because healers do mad amounts of healing, even with dampening and dps have stupid levels of burst. Without some survival capability, dps would either be instantly melting each other or unable to survive long enough to run a healer’s mana into the ground.

There shouldn’t be tbh, although Polymorph does have the downside of clearing all DoT effects and healing targets to full in a matter of seconds - a rather unique negative effect.

If they don’t want Rogue/Mage to be such an issue, they should give us a Deep Freeze back, stick a short CD on Polymorph (and remove its healing) and take away some of Rogue’s ridiculous CC capability, then we could group up with other classes.

If Mages are better on their own and Rogues aren’t quite so good on their own, we’d see a wider variety of pairings/groupings.

Because if you make a mistake as RM it means a delayed go.

If you make a mistake versus a RM it means death.


it’s balanced because it’s the only viable 2s comp for mages
You never see mages playing anything else than RM and I played thousands of games in 2s in SL alright.

or they don’t know that resonator dmg needs to be soaked by 2 players, that makes it hit 10-15k less


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