Rogues changes, when?

Just a quick reminder that there is a abomination of a class called Rogue: Assassination and it needs to be toned down. People were calling on forums/reddit for Retribution and Feral changes/nerfs and it happened. What about Rogue now, are you gonna do anything at all? Do we have to do it so they read or what? Every single GAME THAT I WATCHED IN AWC THERE WAS A ROGUE, PLEASE. FIX YOUR CLASS. THANK YOU.


2024 probably

Damn abominations

Was I delusional for expecting instant patch notes after the AWC cup ended? I thought they’d hotfix rogue instantly… no notes anywhere. Mental company.

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Can you imagine that they gave them AOE sharpen with 20% dmg inc? luuul


I’m sorry to inform you guys that… Holinka is in fact a Rogue main :smiley: Explains a lot doesn’t it?

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