Rogues in Brawl'gar


Hey there! I was wondering on how well rogues do in the Brawl’gar arena, according to people?

I have another Warlock at 120 who I have been doing the arena with and I love it, but I feel like Warlock gets a bit of an easy ride as we have a pet that can cheese some fights.

I am really wanting to make a rogue and wondering if it’s worth bothering with the Brawl’gar challenges on one too :thinking:

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I’ve done the arena on alliance side. I don’t know how a warlock feels like but imo all ranks were pretty easy too. Maybe it’s much harder if you doesn’t have good gear and good traits but you have high single target dmg, dot dmg and have a talent which grants you 12% leech.


It was very easy until the last boss had to switch to combat spec to be able to take them down.
I am kinda disappointed that most fights are just a gear check but I did enjoy 3 bosses.

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Gear check, face rolled it from 1 - 8 in one stting.


Every fight except Seagull was bisc and cake at ilvl 391 in Sin spec :slight_smile: Garrote + 3 x SS build.

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