Role and queues in unrated bgs

What gives shorter queue times?
The role of tank, dps or healer?

I think queue times vary depending on time of day / year / faction, but idk about Role. We’ve had some lush weather here recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if less people were playing & you’re having longer queue times due to that.

Are you planning on playing the Role with the shortest queue times!? :roll_eyes:


yes because I plan to login to play and not to wait

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Fair enough.

idk which roles (if any) have shorter queue times, but I find wpvp (while I wait to PvP) helps pass the time.

where do you do that exactly?

wPvP quest areas are ok spots, but recently I’ve found myself parked outside Ogrimmar offering free hugs.

Try a horde char?

why is that in the new pvp mode we are all mixed up I think

Factions are mixed in Blitz, but not in random bgs.
In random bgs you have roughly a ratio of 3 alliance players for every 2 horde players, so the alliance has to wait longer to get into a round.
If you want shorter queues, play horde.
Or use the mercenary mode. As a mercenary you stay alliance but get sorted into horde teams as long as you have a buff on you that lasts 1 hour.

You can find the mercenary recruiter in Boralus, Ashran, Oribos, Dalaran to name a few examples. h.ttps://

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wow this is news. I alwawys remembered horde being many many more in previous expansions and there were the hordies that had to do mercenaries

I am fine with mercenary mode, so it looks to me that I need to visit the old capitals for this.

…and can’t recall in av…

Yeah, this is somewhat annoying in AV as merc. The devs probably never paid attention to this niche problem.

Most players don’t use insignia because they are lazy or lack awareness though.
It is mostly alliance that mercs as horde and I still usually get enough people to recap towers when I ask for a recall. I would say it’s not that tragic.

horde dd
14 minutes queue
does not depend on the time of the day
total bs

I queue as a healer mostly.
Usually anywhere from 6 PM to 3 AM, in small groups of 2-3 players.
The queues go significantly faster on my horde character compared to alliance.
I queue for all casual bgs at once (epic bg, random bg, brawl and blitz if in groups of 2)
The waiting time is never long on horde, on alliance I often have to wait up to 10 min. On horde I get quick queue pops and oftentimes when I finish a random bg I get a pop for epic bgs instantly.

Maybe others who play both factions can share their experiences.

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