Roleplay Realms: Why are on some so many Raiders/PvE players who don't do any Roleplay?

I mean, why do they not just move (or get moved) to other Realms where they would fit better if they don’t practice Roleplay altogether?

Can someone enlighten me there?

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Because then you wouldn’t have any PvE on RP realms.

Also, as long as they do not actively disrupt RP, why do you care?

Most realms on german side except for Aldor are just PvE-Players. Barely Guild-RP. Almost 0.01% open RP anymore. They (Blizzard) could easily switched to PvE and noone would realize it.

That’s the reason why I moved to Argent Dawn today with my RP-PvE main.

Cross-realm exists for normal/heroic and even with all the PvErs around I cannot pug mythic.

Some PvE players prefer RP servers because of the kinds of people on them. There are less boosting advertisements and the PvE guilds are usually fairly relaxed, just to name a couple of reasons. Most of the available guilds are heroic progression, but a few also push mythic. You’ll find any level of play on an RP realm that isn’t mythic clearing or key pushing.

I spend 99% of my time playing the game but I will do a little bit of RP every now and again. It’s just nice to have the option. Nobody is obligated to commit to roleplaying on an RP realm. As long as nobody’s ruining RP for others, it really doesn’t matter

I haven’t experienced much in the way of disruptive PVE’rs in an RP realm, and the very few times I did often just ended up being ignored by myself and the company I was with during those times. Which didn’t really disrupt much in the end.

But yes, whilst I do agree PVE-only players should move if they’ve no interest or seem mindboggled to see players roleplaying in a… roleplay… server, I wouldn’t say that players with no intents to RP meant instant kicking on the shins for being in an RP server. Hell,I can recount a number of my friends who used to be diehard PVE’rs giving it all up to take it casual just so they can play their own ideas and make their own characters to RP with.

Its not that bad we have Raiders/PvE players, heck even boosters on the RP realms
Some of the best mogs - not essential for RP, I know, but still - are locked behind achivements (Arsenal of the Lightfroged for example, Legion artifacts skins - so far the only bows with quiver) or Myth drops of various raids.
Even the Heritage armour is behind a long “pve” of leveling, or even the unlock if behind certain requirements
Without them, we wouldn’t be this versatile and colorfull

You want people act as YOU want them, and then become upset that they aren’t. The problem is YOU. I played RP burning crusade at release, joined Sindorey race supremasist guild, which aimed at doing all raids in BC as master-race only raids. Then i start extorting sexual pleasure from everyone who been too annoying at asking me make them water, and ppl actually been doing what i demanded (show me your boobs - they un-equiped they chest gear). So i’d say RP realms doing pretty well, thx you very much, sir.

Sometimes I agree with a little bit of what someone’s saying, but not the whole picture.

You know, people can do both content and RP at once. And, unless you’re mythic raiding, your realm doesn’t matter in the slightest. You can do everything cross-realm.

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I’m one of those, i like both although lately its been so quiet that i RP Moris on my NA instead

Is NA more active?

For horde it is a lot more active on WrA, though Silvermoon is still semi dead compared to how it was during BFA

edit : fully dead

I guess things are happening in Orgrimmar, then?

Yeah there’s always people around Valley of Honor on both AD(usually midday) and WrA-NA. I liked SMC more due to the fact that it somewhat felt like place for RPers, My kind of atmosphere.

The shift from Silvermoon music to Orgimmar music kills it for me.

Interesting! Does WrA have a blood elf community like we do on AD, or not so much?

As of right now, not that much. Our couple of remaining blood elf oriented guilds are miles ahead and probably whats keeping it alive on AD SMC.

(cough Thalassian Skyguard cough …you all rock)


Big agree. The Skyguard is awesome. :slight_smile:


Actually not true, AD has a few raid groups that come from overarching multi guild communities and IIRC some of the top pvpers on the realm are actually straight up RPers

The why is in the history of the other RP realms
As someone who came from Sha’tar, the more non RPers you have, the more non RPers you’ll get
The first few batches were always respectful but over time more and more bad eggs join and drown out the roleplayers to the point where you get ridiculed for declaring you’re looking for RP guild to join by people who don’t RP on an RP server.

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Yeah, that’s true. :slight_smile: